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Liberals Illuminate Secular Countries, Islamic Countries, Why Not!

JAKARTA - The phenomenon of the Sharia enforcement movement emerged strongly in Aceh, Padang, Makassar and Palembang. In Padang, great recitations were held by KPPSI for the dissemination and campaign for accelerating the enforcement of Shari'ah in the lives of people in this area. In Palembang, the FU3-SS fully pioneered unity between ulama and umara in recitation activities or other meeting forums.

The panic re-emerged, when the formalization of Islamic law through local regulations in its territory was encouraged simultaneously and intensely. Liberals call Islamic groups such as KPPSI, FU3-SS, and FUI an affirmation of the identity and political advantages of hard-line groups that have a political agenda by playing religious issues (shari'ah). Liberals also accuse politicians who support this sharia-compliant law as opportunist politicians.

Following are the tendentious accusations of liberals against shari'ah jargon: "In a political context, we find shari'ah jargon widely used in various regions, not as an identity of a Muslim's adherence to Islamic teachings, but as a symbol and tool of resistance to the political domination of the state (central government) ... Sharia is used as a political tool to display identity and not purely a normative reason for obedience to religious teachings. "

Liberals gave an example, proof of sharia was used as a political tool, as was the Free Aceh Movement (GAM). According to liberals, GAM's main problem is Aceh's disappointment with the central government. Liberals accuse, GAM since the beginning never scheduled the implementation of Shari'ah in their political movements. The Shari'ah enforcement movement in Aceh, he said, actually emerged from groups who were disappointed with GAM's softening attitude towards the Indonesian government.

"Such a problem also became the main background of the DI / TII movement. Kartosuwiryo, the main character of DI / TII - who was initially a PSII figure and left the party due to disappointment with party policies - rebelled against the Soekarno Government because of disappointment with Soekarno's policies . "
Thus written in the book "The Illusion of an Islamic State" on page 121.

As a result of its wickedness, liberals do not agree with the opinion, that the enforcement of Shari'ah is actually a solution, so that Indonesia emerges from a multidimensional crisis. Liberals even cornered the shari'ah - like hudud and qishash - as a legal system that is oriented to 'revenge' and is inhuman, and primitive.

Following are the pretexts and allegations of the liberals, that the enforcement of Islamic sharia, such as cutting off hands and whips as obsolete laws. "The Islamic legal tradition that was present in Arabia in the 7th century is certainly natural when using a physical approach to giving punishments, such as whips, cutting hands and so on, which may be a hukuam method that is in accordance with the conditions of the civilized Arabs at that time. But, for now, it actually has a bad effect on the sharia itself. "

The liberals also concluded, that the application of such Islamic law looked more at the law at the level of sanctions, not the purpose. According to him, the purpose of the law is not to impose sanctions on the perpetrators, but protect the 5 things premiere of human life, namely: protection of religion, life, wealth, honor or lineage, and health of reason. In this view, legal provisions are understood as a process of education, and seeing criminals positively - can still be directed to better.

Islamic State Discourse

In 2006, Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono once revealed, regarding the infiltration of radical movements into Islamic parties who wished to establish an Islamic state to implement the Shari'ah. According to the Defense Minister at the time, the radical movement was waiting for the right moment to create radicalization.
On the statement, Defense Minister received a storm of protest from party activists.

The General Chair of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), Tifatul Sembiring at the time, said the Defense Minister's statement only gave a negative stigma to Islamic parties. Such accusations are similar to the methods used by the New Order. A strong reaction was also conveyed by the Deputy Secretary General of PPP, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin. According to him, Defense Minister did not deserve such an accusation.

In an interview with a former general, the following concerns the liberals with the Islamic State discourse: "It used to be a hard line threat to the Republic of Indonesia and Pancasila outside the government, like DI / NII. But now, the hard line has entered the government, including parliament, and has become far more dangerous than before."

Liberals, feel there is a systematic strength of the Sharia enforcement movement in the country. "There are times when street actions, for example, get defense and support in parliament, and are justified through the fatwa of the MUI. MUI fatwas have also been supported by street actions and parelementers. Likewise political issues in parliament have the support of actions. street and MUI. "

According to the liberals, the reason for these mutually supportive actions can occur is the existence of ideological similarities between the "hardline" groups involved. For now, they can still unite against the common enemy.

So, if liberals are discourse and have an illusion of a liberal country, then why not, if there is an Islamic group that discusses and aspires to uphold Islamic law, even the Islamic State in Indonesia.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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