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Family, Sturdy Pillar Forgotten

Family, Sturdy Pillar Forgotten

One of the things that is not easy to do is preach to the family, the people closest to us. Even so, we should not be tired to keep on trying and strengthen it with a reference to God. Yes, because Allah is the one who holds the heart of the creature who gives him guidance. We only strive and try. The end result is God's prerogative.

"Surely you will not be able to guide your loved ones, but Allah guides whom He wills, and Allah knows best those who will receive guidance"
(QS. Al Qashas: 56)

But that does not mean we stop trying to call on and invite more people to the family to become the main supporter of da'wah movement. Adherent Muslims. In addition to our obligations as Muslims to protect themselves and families from adzab and torture of hell. "What Anfusakum is that?"(Surah At-Tahrim: 6) In addition, there is a reward from Allah, for someone who succeeded in becoming an intermediary for the entry of people into Islam.

"Who is better in speech than he who preaches to Allah and does righteous deeds, and says:" I am of those who surrender? "
(QS. Fushilat: 33).

Sayyid Quthb rahimahullah said in the Fi Zhilal of the Qur'an: "Indeed the da'wah sentence is the best sentence spoken on this earth, it rises to the sky before other good sentences. But it must be accompanied by good deeds that justify it, and accompanied surrender to God so that there is no prominence in it. Thus be da'wah is purely for Allah, there is no interest for a preacher except to convey. After that the sentence of a preacher we respond to is turned away, bad adab, or denial because a preacher comes and advances brings goodness, so he is in a very high position ... "(Fi Zhilal Al-Quran 6/295).

The Sturdy Pillar is named family

Now we go back to da'wah to family. The obligation to keep yourself and your family enshrined in the paragraph I have mentioned above. So this is what distinguishes the urgency of the da'wah family against da'wah against the other party. Because of the place where we started. From the mother's womb we were born, from our father's livelihood grew up. Get to know A, B, C alpha beth the life of the world from the first madrah named family with the best teacher named mother. And when we are tired of struggling to face the world, we have to rest our bodies and lives in the warmth of our family. So family propagation is something urgent to do right away!

History records that if we fail to condition families we can be fatal to da'wah. The story of Noah's prophet, for example, should be hostile to his wife and son who hostile to his propaganda, or Prophet Musa who is dealing with the adopted father, Fir'aun. Ibrahim who was dealing with the father of the idolaters. The difference is that they are prophets and apostles of God, God-it is their direct assistant. While we?

Bil Qudwah

"Call (man) to the path of your Lord with wisdom and good lessons and defend them in a good way. Lo! Thy Lord knoweth best who is astray from His way, and He knows best those who are guided."(QS. An Nahl: 125)

The unique characteristics of da'wah to the family are due to the presence of reliance and dependence on the preacher towards mad'u. In the relationship of parents and children, brothers and sisters. usually there is a feeling of not having the heart in Javanese "pekewuh" to convey. Sometimes it is also faced with the perspective that we are children yesterday afternoon who did not know anything. "Just ask if you want to say old man" this sentence is usually the "Chinese wall" that veils between parents as mad'u and children as preachers.

So preaching to parents, can not be achieved if we are in a position like teachers and students. Moreover, impressed "teach". Saying well, the prohibition against yelling is required for a child towards his parents.

"And do not yell at both. And speak to them a noble word. And lower yourself to them lovingly. And say: "O my Lord, love them both, as they both love me as a child". (QS. Al-Isra: 23-24)

So what is needed in preaching in the family is dakwah bil qudwah. give example. with real examples. So that there arises pride in the hearts of parents towards the baby who are da'wah activists. There is pride that the baby is an asset that will later add to the coffers of reward. Now this is what we have to prove so that the family becomes a strong pillar of da'wah that we stretch out.

Wallahu a'lam bishawab

Ardhianto Murcahya
, S.Psi. S-1 Alumni of the Faculty of Psychology, Universiats Muhammadiyah Surakarta

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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