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The Departure of the Malaysian Ulama Even Leaves Grief in the Muslim Brotherhood

Thousands of people with sad faces walked slowly in the morning sun, making the morning funeral atmosphere not too hot. On the left side of the street to the cemetery of thousands of people stood up early in the morning to pay the last respects for the murabi who went to his Rabb. Hundreds of vehicles are directed to the left side of the road to several kilometers.

In this peaceful village this is where a murabbi lives dear to his people, Datuk Ustadz Yahya Othman (73), which has now gone forever.

The deceased was known as, former Secretary of the Shura Ulama PAS Council who closed his age at 6.30 in the afternoon on Thursday, June 14, 2012, in the village of his residence in Labok, Machang, approximately 30 kilometers from Kota Bharu via Kuala Krai Road.

Before being buried at the cemetery, the first body of prayer at 8.30am Kelantan time, with the imam of the PAS Kelantan Ulama Council priest, Datuk Mohamed Daud or more familiarly called Ustaz Daud Iraqi. While praying for the second time at the mosque near his house with PAS Mursyidul Am priest, and Kelantan Menteri Besar, Master Dato 'Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

The disappearance of murabbi figures from the Semitral Islam Party (PAS) is not just his thousands of students, who are now part of the party and government leaders, even the Kelantan Governor, Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, himself unable to control his tears.
Anyone who knows the Almarhum must have remembered how he was building a people with a tajnid program (the guidance of PAS cadres cadres) considered highly effective, in accordance with his vast knowledge and experience gained while demanding in the Middle East and had been directly raised by scholars of Al Ikhwan al Muslimun .

Throughout his life the deceased has been devoting himself to the Islamic struggle since young. Even until his body was attacked by illness and his age was gone, he never receded from the Islamic field of charity.
The deceased was the protégé of Sheikh Kamal Saniri, a Ikhwanul figure who had been subjected to imprisonment and finally a martyr (InsyaAllah) due to being tortured by the Egyptian regime at that time. Even if he visits the land of Jordan, usually Dr Muhammad Said Hawwa (son of Syeikh Said Hawwa) will pick him up at the airport.

He is also known to be close to Syeikh Said Hawwa and the elusive Ikhwan figures, including the familiar with Dr Kamal Helbawi and Dr Mohamad Mehdi Akif.
The last time I saw it with the former Mursyidul Am Al Ikhwan al Muslimun Egypt, Dr Mehdi Akif at a ceremony at Lundang Islamic Hall, Kota Bharu. At that time, the Ikhwanul figure came to Kelantan in early 2012. He was so sick at the time, not to mention the old friends and his companions, was forced to attend.

After graduating from elementary school, in 1947, he sent his two students to study at Darul Ulum al-Diniyah, Makkah (graduated from 1958), furthering his studies at the Al-Azhar University of Asy-Syarif (Syariah majors and Qanun).
The mashaikh who once became his direct teacher is; Al-Musnid World Syeikh Yasin bin Isa Al-Fadani Rahimahullah (The most beloved and beloved teacher), Syeikh Hassan Masyath Rahimahullah, Al-'Allamah Syeikh Al-Maliki Rahimahullah (Mufti Makkah, father of Al-'Allamah Al-Muhaddis Prof. Dr. Abuya Sayyid Muhammad Alawi Al-Maliki), Syeikh Amin Qtubi Rahimahullah, Al-'Allamah Syeikh Abdul Kadir Al-Mandiliy Rahimahullah, Syeikh Dr Mustafa As-Sibai'e Rahimahullah (Syrian IM Chief).

The deceased is also known as a lover of literature and language. Mastering poems by Taha Hussien, Mustafa Rifaie, al-Manfaluti and so on. Booked as a caterpillar because of its perseverance and deep interest in various books, so that it is able to spend the parents' pocket money solely to buy books.
Even able to hold hunger and thirst for the sake of having a book that interests him.

While studying in Egypt, he was appointed as a member of the Welfare Bureau in the Association of Malay Students in Egypt in 1961 as well as the Secretary of the Education Bureau in 1962 and a representative of Malaysian students in the International Student Club (in 1963).
Upon returning to his homeland he became a tireless educator and founder of the Sultan Ismail Putra International Islamic University (KIAS), the founder of Ma'had Dakwah wa Imamah, and the founder and director of the Al-Nur Institute.

His other services are behind the establishment of Ma'had Tahfiz Pulai Condong, Ma'had Darul Quran Machang and various Islamic educational institutions in the State of Kelantan, Malaysia which will remain recorded in the history of the struggle of Muslims especially in education.
In Islamic politics (especially PAS). He was formerly a member of the Shura Ulama Council (formerly his first secretary) and was also a member of the Central PAS Committee and the Central PAS Ulama Council, as well as President of Machang's President for about 20 years.

In the 1990 Election she won the seat and was elected as Kelantan State Executive Education Exco. A post that is very synonymous with his background as an internationally educated network, especially in the Middle East. PAS crowned him as a Murabbi of PAS over the ages.

According to Kamaruddin Omar (56) family, a late afternoon summoned his assistant, Ustaz Rosli Ismail to write the final words for the preparation of his writing book. Includes messages and wills. Shortly after sending the message, he suddenly wafted out with his wife and daughter Suraya who lived together at home.
The last four books are ready to be printed, among them "Taujid Tarbiah Gerakan Islam" and "Tarbiyah Paper Worksheet".

The deceased left a widow, Habshah Hussin Rahimin with four daughters; Dr Salwa, Najwa (teacher), Suraya and Nidana (lecturer).
His departure made Al Ikhwan Al Muslim Egypt also lost his condolences through his website saying, "May his soul be placed with the believers and do good deeds."

Written by Rossem, Kelantan, Malaysia

Undergroundtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

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