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Chairman of MUI Solo: Halal Certification is a Business Project Only

Halal certification
just a business project. The statement was conveyed by the Chairman of the Solo City MUI Prof. Zainal Arifin Adnan when giving his remarks at the event launching Movement of Community Love Halal & Traditional Cuisine last Sunday (17/6) at Dapoer Steak House Solo Penumping.

"The Solo MUI firmly protested Halal labeling of food. Because all of them are just business projects. Let's see that the cost of administering certification is expensive and long-term. It can only be done by a large food entrepreneur, because he can afford it." he said as quoted from Fujama.

He also explained when he was invited to hear a hearing with members of Commission VIII at the Hajj Donohudan Dormitory some time ago in the agenda of discussing the Halal Bill. MUI Solo also disagrees with the concept of certification.

When there was one of the central MUI administrators asking about how to protect the interests of Muslims, Prof. Zainal Arifin explained that the determination of halal and whether or not on a food depends on the morals and aqeedah of the food entrepreneur. If he is a believer and is obedient in worship, there is no need to attach halal labels to his food products.

The halal label is actually only requested by entrepreneurs who are not Muslim so that the sale of their products is sold. Because they know that Muslims in Indonesia, which constitute the majority, are economic assets.
In scientific studies, determining the level of halal and whether or not food is not easy. Like determining the difference in lard with beef fat or protein in a carcass with a living animal.
"I had a discussion with a professor in the food sector and he also said that." said the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine UNS.

Non-Muslim entrepreneurs who want to sell halal food are expected to have 90% employees who are also Muslims so that the procedures for cutting, cooking and serving can be controlled.

In the last session of the Ketu MUI, Solo asked all parties to support the steps of the Halal & Traditional Love Cuisine Movement, even though the journey was not easy, but all parties had to support, because this was a smart move and missionary to save the people from unclean food.

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