Tuesday, June 5, 2012

KH Hasyim Muzadi: There is no country that is tolerant to Indonesia

Jakarta - No country in the world is as tolerant as in Indonesia. Even though European countries. Because until now in European countries where Muslims are a minority, their fate is very sad. It's very different from minorities in Indonesia.

Because of that the President World Conference on Religions for Peace (WCRP) KH Hasyim Muzadi regretted the assessment of a number of delegates from the member countries of the UN Human Rights Council who called Indonesia religious intolerance at the universal periodic review II (Universal Periodic Review - UPR) in Geneva, Switzerland.

"As a WCRP participant, I deeply regret the accusations of religious intolerance in Indonesia. The discussion in the world forum is definitely due to reports from within Indonesia," Hasyim said in Jakarta, Wednesday (05/30/2012), as released Republic Online.

In fact, Indonesia, which has a majority Muslim population, he admitted, has a high level of religious tolerance. "While traveling the world, I have not found any Muslim countries that are as tolerant as Indonesia," said Hasyim.

In fact, according to the former Chairman of the PBNU, Indonesia also has better religious tolerance than a number of countries in Europe. He then compared with Switzerland, which until now did not allow the establishment of minarets, as well as France which still questioned the headscarf.

Hasyim, who is also the caregiver of the Al Hikam Islamic Boarding School in Malang and Depok, questioned the size of religious intolerance alleged by participants in the trial.

If the measure is used is the problem of Ahmadiyah, said Hasyim, indeed because Ahmadiyah deviates from the subject of Islamic teachings, but always uses a "stamp" of Islam and is oriented towards Western politics.
"If Ahmadiyah is a separate religion, it must not be questioned by Indonesian Muslims," ​​said the Secretary General International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) that. The case of GKI Yasmin Bogor, continued Hasyim, also could not be used as a measure of Indonesia's intolerance in religion.
"I went there many times, but it seems they did not want to be finished. They were more pleased Yasmin became a national and world problem for the sake of the problem than it was resolved," he said.

Hasyim further said, the difficulty of establishing a new place of worship is also not a measure of religious tolerance because the problem is more about environmental issues. "In Java the establishment of the church is difficult, but in Kupang the establishment of mosques is also very difficult. Not to mention the establishment of mosques in Papua. ICIS always mediates," he said.

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