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KH Muntaha, Al-Quran Life Lovers

KH Muntaha, Al-Quran Life Lovers

God's love Mbah Muntaha greeting familiar KH Muntaha Al-Hafizh Kalibebeber Wonosobo the Qur'an cannot be doubted. Almost all his age is spent spreading and reviving the Qur'an.

The most monumental is the idea of ​​making Al-Qur'an Akbar (Giant Al-Qur'an) with a height of 2 meters, 3 meters wide and weighing 1 quintal more. A mahaagung work that had been proposed at that time was entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

KH Muntaha al-Hafizh was born in Kalibeber village, Mojotengah sub-district, Wonosobo Regency and died at Tlogorejo General Hospital Semarang, Wednesday, December 29, 2004 at the age of 94 years. There are several different information about exactly when Mbah Muntaha was born.

First, there are those who say Kiai Muntaha was born in 1908. Secondly, there are also those who claim that Kiai Muntaha was born in 1912. This is based on documentation on KTP / Passport and other certificates, Mbah Muntaha was born on July 9, 1912 .
Kiai Muntaha's father is the third son of KH's spouse. Asy'ari and Mrs. Safinah. Before Kiai Muntaha, she had two older sisters, Mustaqim and Murtadho.

From childhood to adult, Kiai Muntaha acquired a wealth of knowledge from a number of Kiai Pesantren. Prior to that, Kiai Muntaha received direct education from her parents, KH. Asy'ari and Mrs. Safinah.
Born in a family of Islamic boarding schools, Kiai Muntaha gained valuable education from his father and mother, such as reading the Qur'an and Islamic sciences. Both of his parents were known to be very painstaking and patient in educating their children.

Furthermore, from Kalibeber, Kiai Muntaha began his journey demanding his knowledge to various Islamic boarding schools in the country. Kiai Muntaha as generally the santri in that era were concerned with seeking knowledge from the Islamic boarding school to the next Islamic boarding school.

There is one very interesting thing related to the process of finding knowledge of Kiai Muntaha when he was young. When Kiai Muntaha departed to study at the Kaliwungu Islamic Boarding School, Krapyak Islamic Boarding School, and Termas Islamic Boarding School, he always traveled by foot. Conducting riyadhah in order to seek such knowledge is done by Kiai Muntaha with sincere intentions to obtain the blessing of knowledge.

In every journey to the Pesantren, Kiai Mutaha always takes the time while reciting the Qur'an while resting to unwind. This story shows the strong will and high spiritual motivation that Kiai Muntaha has in search of knowledge.

After getting acquainted with various Islamic boarding schools, Kiai Muntaha returned to Kalibeber in 1950. He then continued his father's leadership in developing Al-Ash'ariyyah in his birth village, Kalibeber, Wonosobo.Under Mbah Muntaha's leadership, Al-Ash'ariyyah grew rapidly. Significant advances have occurred during this time.
In family and community life, KH. Muntaha is a modest person. Mbah Muntaha was very fond of his family, santri and also his neighbors, as well as the community in his neighborhood.

Lifelong Al-Quran Lovers
The love of Kiai Muntaha for the Qur'an actually originated from the love of his father, Kiai Asy'ari towards the Qur'an. In the relatively young age of 16 years, Kiai Muntaha has become a hafizh of the Qur'an.
Almost all of Mbah Muntaha's life is dedicated to practicing and teaching the values ​​of the Qur'an to his students and also to the general public.

In his daily life, Mbah Muntaha always teaches santri who memorize the Qur'an. The santri were always orderly and organized one by one giving memorized deposits to Kiai Muntaha. Mbah Muntaha always struggles to instill Qur'anic values ​​with his santri.
Throughout Mbah Muntaha's life, the Qur'an has always been the main guideline in making various decisions, as well as being a media pointing to Allah SWT. Mbah Muntaha never fills his spare time except with the Qur'an.

Often Kiai Muntaha reads wirid or reread the memorization of the Qur'an in the morning while sunbathing. According to him, the most important wirid and dhikr is to read the Qur'an. That is why Kiai Muntaha advised the students to recite the Qur'an at least once a week.
Kiai Muntaha's love for the Qur'an is also realized through the study of the Qur'anic interpretation, by writing a tafsir maudhu'i or thematic interpretation performed by a tima named Tima Sembilan consisting of nine ustadz in Pesantren Al-Asy 'ariyyah and lecturers at the Al-Qur'an Institute (now UNSIQ) Wonosobo. The idea of ​​Kiai Muntaha about writing this interpretation contains the purpose of spreading the values ​​of the Qur'an to the wider community.

And the culmination of the realization of the love of Kiai Muntaha towards the Qur'an is shown by the realization of his idea of ​​the writing of the Koran in a gigantic measure which is often referred to as the Al-Qur'an which is a complete 30 juz.
The great Qur'an was written by two Al-Ash'ariyyah students who were also IIQ students namely H. Hayatuddin from Grobogan and H. Abdul Malik from Yogyakarta. When the writing of the great Al-Qur'an whose paper was the assistance of the Minister of Information (H. Harmoko at the time) was completed, the Qur'an was also handed over to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in the state palace.

Maybe Kiai Muntaha saw that many Muslims had left the Qur'an, or even did not want to read the Qur'an at all, so Mbah Muntaha was constantly advising members of the Hufadz wa Dirasatal Qur'an (YJHQ) to continue to socialize Al -Qur'an. Similar preaching is also always Mbah Muntaha convey when he visits various parts of the world such as Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and so forth.

From the things that have been mentioned, it becomes clear that the figure and person of Kiai Muntaha al-Hafidz is a figure who really loves Al-Qur'an physically and nbatin. His whole life is intended to preach to spread the values ​​of the Qur'an to the community.


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