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The story behind the erasing of Jakarta charter

There are treasures and lies, behind the erasing of the phrase, "with the obligation of implementing Islamic law for its adherents" in the Jakarta Charter which is also the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution. The tolerant attitude of Islamic figures, repressed by political trickery!
As written earlier, the day after the reading of the Proclamation of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 1945, seven words in the Jakarta Charter were abolished. Among the figures who were very persistent in rejecting the abolition were Muhammadiyah figures, Ki Bagus Hadikusumo. So persistent, that Soekarno and Hatta did not dare to speak directly with Ki Bagus. Soekarno seemed to be dodging and awkward, because for Ki Bagus, the enforcement of Islamic law was a fixed price that could not be negotiable.
To make Ki Bagus stand, Soekarno then sent envoys named Teuku Muhammad Hassan and KH Wahid Hasyim to be able to lobby Ki Bagus. However, both of them were unable to overthrow the establishment of a senior figure at the Muhammadiyah at that time. Finally, Kasman Singodimedjo, who is also a Muhammadiyah man, was chosen to approach personally, fellow Muhammadiyah members, to soften the attitude and establishment of Ki Bagus Hadikusumo.
In his memoir entitled "Life Is Fighting", Kasman relates that he came to Ki Bagus and communicated in fine Javanese (high chrome) To Ki Bagus, Kasman persuaded by saying,
"Kiai, yesterday the proclamation of Indonesia's independence has taken place. Today must be quickly stipulated by the Constitution as the basis for our state, and who must be determined by the president and so forth to accelerate the wheel of government. For the Indonesian people, especially the leaders bicker then what ?!
Kiai, now the Indonesian people are clamped among the onestongol-tongoland thetingle.Thattongol-tongolis the army of Dai Nippon who is still in Indonesia with modern armaments. As for thattingle(who wants to re-enter Indonesia,pen) are allies including the Netherlands, namely with modern weapons as well. If we bicker, we will be ridiculous.

Kiai, in the draft constitution we are deliberating today there is one article that states that in the next 6 months we can hold the People's Consultative Assembly, precisely to make a perfect constitution. The current design is a draft emergency constitution. There is no time to make it perfect or satisfying for all parties, especially in clamping conditions!
Kiai, is it not wise if we are now the majority Muslim while succumbing to, namely removing the seven words intended for the victory of our common ideals, namely the achievement of Independent Indonesia as a sovereign, just, prosperous, peaceful country, blessed by Allah SWT. "
Kasman also explained the changes proposed by Mohammad Hatta, that the word "Godhead" was added to "the One Godhead." KH A Wahid Hasyim and Teuku Muhammad Hassan who participated in the lobby considered the One Godhead to be AllahSubhanahu wa Ta'ala, not others. Kasman explained, the One Godhead determines the meaning of Godhead in Pancasila. "Again, not the Godhead of any Godhead, but what is known as Pancasila is the One Godhead," Kasman assured Ki Bagus.
Kasman also explained to Ki Bagus about Soekarno's promise that said that in the next six months there would be a People's Consultative Assembly meeting to make perfect laws. It was there that later Islamic groups could return to propose Islamic ideas. Because Soekarno said at the time, that this change was a temporary constitution, the express constitution. "Later, if we have a state in a more peaceful atmosphere, we will certainly regroup the People's Consultative Assembly which can make a more complete and perfect law," Soekarno said.
Islamic leaders at the time considered Soekarno's words as "promises" that must be billed. Moreover, Soekarno's speech was the least that made Ki Bagus feel there was still hope to include Islamic teachings in a complete and permanent law later.

"Only with the certainty and guarantee of another six months after August 1945 will a People's Consultative Assembly and the Assembly of the Constitution be established to incorporate Islamic material into a fixed constitution, then be patient Ki Bagus Hadikusumo to wait, "recalls Kasman in his memoir.
In addition to the guarantee issue above, Islamic leaders are also faced with a difficult and difficult situation, where secular circles always say that independence that has been proclaimed requires solid unity. This is what Kasman called in his memoir that smart secularists take advantage of psychological moments, where the nation needs unity, so that everything that has the potential to trigger divisions must be minimized. And that needs to be noted, Islamic figures who from the beginning wanted this country to be independent and united at that timelegowonot to force his will to maintain these seven words, even though they are so bitter today. While secular-Christian minorities always make itmovepolitics that impose their will.
But the tolerance and loyalty of Islamic figures turned out to be betrayed. Kasman himself finally regretted persuading and lobbying Ki Bagus until finally the Muhammadiyah figure received the abolition of seven words in the Jakarta Charter. After successfully lobbying Ki Bagus, as told by Kasman in his Memoir, he was restless and unable to sleep. He did not speak to his family, silent. He tells in his memoir,
"It surprised me when I got a report from Cudhanco Latief Hendraningrat, that the army of Dai Nippon (Japan,pen) had surrounded Daidan, and then seized all the weapons and gunpowder in Daidan. After the report, Latief Hendraningrat could only cry like a child, and surrender to me to be punished or forgiven. Nota bene, Latief before that, even before giving his report, apologized first.

Yes what you want to do! I can not do anything. I am looking for my fault before pointing others to my fault. This is an Islamic lesson. I'm guilty of why I am a militaryhow comeparticipate politically by fulfilling Bung Karno's summons !?
... The evening (August 18, the night before August 19, 1945) I deliberately went silent. To my family, I did not say much, I was tired, very tired that day, and I was annoyed at heart. Who should I be angry with? "
Kasman said, there were two major losses in the history of this nation at that time.First, elimination of seven words in the Jakarta Charter which became the Opening of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.Second, the loss of a number of weapons belonging to the Indonesian army and others that were very vital at that time.
Kasman realizes that he is too practical and does not think much about looking at the Jakarta Charter. He was only lulled by Sukarno's promise which said that in the next six months there would be a People's Consultative Assembly meeting which would be able to repair all of that. In fact, within six months, it was impossible to hold a change session amid the turbulent conditions. Although Kasman had taken the wrong step, his intention in his heart was actually very good, wanting this nation to unite.
"I am responsible for this problem, and may Allah forgive my sins," Kasman said with tears in his eyes, as told by Muhammadiyah figure Lukman Harun, when Kasman repeated the story of the August 18 incident.
As if he wanted to treat guilt over his regret at the events of August 18, 1945, at a session at the Constituent Assembly on December 2, 1957, Kasman no longer simply became "Singodimejo" but turned into a "Lion at the Podium" which demanded the return of seven words in the Jakarta Charter and rejected Pancasila National principle. His chest exploded, wanting to voice the aspirations of Muslims who had been betrayed.

Speaking loudly and loudly, he said, "Brother, the only place to fix the Constitution of the Constitution and to determine the basis of the country of course is the Constituent Assembly! That is what has becomeway outrather than a fierce battle within the Indonesian Independence Preparation Committee which I have also staged in my speech in the first half of the general view.
The chairman, I still remember, was the insistence of the late Ki Bagus Hadikusumo, Chairperson of the Muhammadiyah Leadership Center who at that time was a member of the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence to defend Islam to be included in the muqoddimah and the 1945 Constitution. Bung Hatta told Mr. TM Hassan as an Acehnese son to support Ki Bagus Hadikusumo to appease him. Only with certainty and assurance that in the next 6 months after August 1945 we will form a People's Consultative Assembly and a permanent Assembly of Constitutions, then be patient Ki Bagus Hadikusumo to wait.
Head of the Brotherhood, now the Islamic spokeswoman Ki Bagus Hadikusumo has left us for a long time, because it has passed away to rahmatullah. He has been waiting patiently, not waiting for 6 months as promised to him. He waited, yes waiting until his death ...

Gentlement agreement
it is absolutely inseparable from the "promise" that has been pledged by the Indonesian Organizing Committee for Independence to us the Islamic group within the committee. In this respect the Honorary Constituent Assembly may call upon Mr. T.M Hassan, Bung Karno and Bung Hatta are the ultimate witnesses who are still alive to witness the truth of my description ...
The head of the Brotherhood, where else if not in this honorable Constituent Assembly, the chief brother, where are we the Muslims demanding the fulfillment of that "promise"? Where else is it? Does Prof. Soehardi force us to make a revolution? I invite you Prof. Mr. Soehardi to answer my question here in a rigorous manner! Please!
The head of the Brotherhood, if it were on 18 August 1945, the Muslim group had complied with a pledge and / or hope by waiting for a period of 6 months, waiting for a People's Consultative Assembly to make a new and permanent Constitution, we should not be Muslims in the Constituent Assembly now being complied with such assumptions: The Provisional Constitution and State Policy can not be altered, irreplaceable, irrevocable! For that kind of fait-a compli, this head, brother, will only force the chest to burst! "

Kasman's speech at the Constituent Assembly which was very stinging and proposed Islam as the basis of the state was indeed a tremendous redemption of error. In the speech, Kasman detailed the reasons why Islam was worthy of being the basis of the state, and invited other groups to explain the reasons against Pancasila.
For Kasman, Islam is a source of springs that is never dry and will never end to be used as the basis of this NKRI, if this country is based on Islam. Whereas the Pancasila which is used as the basis of the state is no more like "water in a jug", taken in installments, excavated from "springs" or that universal source, namely Islam.

Kasman said, "Someone thinks, the inventor-if he wants, 'the digger' of the water in the jar is a powerful force used, is considered almost like the Prophet or more, and can not be disturbed. , over time, unreasonably, it is considered as sacred water, yes assuper faith(extraordinary ideology,pen)which cannot be discussed with human reason, and which should not be discussed again at the Constituent Assembly here. Masha Allah!"
Such is the small story behind the abolition of Islamic law in the Jakarta Charter text. There are lies and treason from those who give grandiose promises to Islamic figures at that time. There are clear and decisive efforts to marginalize Islam. Cutting in folds, twisting in the middle of the road, is politics carried out by groups that do not want this country based on Islamic law.
This is a valuable lesson for Muslims, where our tolerance towards minority groups is rewarded with false promises and lies. Muslims must claim that promise, that the Jakarta Charter must be re-enacted!
By: Artawijaya
Photo captions from top to bottom:Mr. Kasman Singodimedjo, Ki Bagus Hadikusumo, KH A Wahid Hasyim, Teuku Mohammad Hassan, Mohammad Hatta, Soekarno during the 1955 elections, Jakarta Charter Discussion Session and BPUPKI Meeting

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