Saturday, June 23, 2012

We 'N Make Up

At our age, the appearance is usually the usual first thing to notice. Especially for girls. But for adam creatures, they are also no less excited, for this one. So, don't be surprised if the sight of a guy going to a salon is normal and is not foreign to us.

Yups, so our view is on what is visible from our bodies. Starting from a nose that is not sharp enough to relax, it is clamped using a clothesline clip each bath, or small, glazed eyes that are attached to the eyelashes. It can also be chubby cheeks camouflage using powder, etc.

The ultimate goal, is how do you make your face still in the name of the name. As a result, not a little later make up also become the right target for dependability. I don't care about amateurs or experts in cosmetology, but when I leave the house the title is already used make up, heart feels very calm.

Make a girl, eyeliner, blush on, perfume, lip gloss, to eyelash curler, can be a mainstay furniture that might be in each of our bags. Knick knacks ranging from headdress to foot are also widely available in stores. Not to be missed, about discounting cosmetics, so it's a mandatory matter that must be visited.

Friend, there's nothing wrong with us grooming, it's also a girl's name. But it's really a shame, because I like the world of this one, many of us then love shopping, and entering the Tabaruj region, aka show up the beauty that you have to attract the attention of boys in matters of lust.

Gawaaaat !! How come you can?
Yups, may be for some of you, things are just about to stop by the ear, then it is not. Original friend, it's not that simple. Do not believe it? Denger the best human message, the Prophet shollallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam the following: "Any woman who uses fragrance, then she passes by men (men) so they smell her then she is adulterer" (HR An Nasa'i, Abu Dawud, At Tirmidzi, Al Hakim, Ibn Khuzaimah, and Ibn Hibban)

Rasulullah Shollallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also said: "Two classes of hell I have not seen: People who carry a whip like a cow's tail, they scourge men with it; and women who are dressed but naked, they swam and shake their heads like a sway they will not go to heaven and will not smell the smell, but the smell can be kissed from this distance and so much "(HR Muslim)

What a shock

Therefore, it's time for our friend to think realistically and return to the real world, looking beautiful doesn't have to be boring and it's not a matter of make up and beautiful face, it doesn't just have to be a "must" thing to think about. By appearing as you are, it can actually make you focus more on what is less than you from the more important side, for example. Serious friend, blessed by God and our future is a more important thing to pay attention to than just dealing with the good body and face.

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