Friday, June 01, 2012

Annan's visit to Syria after the Al-Houla massacre

Kofi Annan, UN special envoys and the Arab League visited Syria to meet with state officials. The trip was the aftermath of a bloody incident in the city of al-Houla.

Earlier, in March, Annan visited Syria and met with top Damascus officials to discuss the crisis and find a solution. After two months, Annan is now visiting Syria some time after the massacre of civilians in the city of al-Houla.

Crime operations carried out by Syrian armed groups in the cities of Homs and al-Houla were the most violent killings in the history of Syria during the crisis in the country. More than 100 people were killed and hundreds were injured in the incident.

The bloody event has rocked the international world. The UN Security Council immediately held an emergency meeting on Sunday (27/5) and condemned the tragedy in al-Houla.

At present, around 280 UN monitors are stationed in Syria to oversee the ceasefire which is one of Kofi Annan's initiative points in March. Al-Houla's murder did not escape their supervision and they were able to reveal who was the mastermind behind the atrocity.

Analysts believe that the massacre at al-Houla has many goals to create security instability in Syria. The West is led by the United States, in the past year it was very interested in that to create an opinion that the negotiation path and politics could not resolve the Syrian crisis so that foreign intervention was needed. Therefore, from the outset, the Damascus government has warned the Syrian people about the Western conspiracy, especially their efforts to ignite civil war and create a crisis that cannot be controlled.

It is clear that the continuation of the bloody events in Syria was planned before the convening of each UNSC meeting or UN delegation meeting. The aim of the conspirator was to thwart Annan's initiative and prepare the conditions for military intervention in the country.

See current conditions, assignments Kofi Annan Heavier. Meanwhile, the world is waiting for the results of Annan's mission to be able to save Syria from two battlefields at home and abroad.

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