Saturday, 09 June 2012

Again, discrimination against veiled women in Turkey

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A the headmaster in Turkey is reported to have discriminated against a veiled female student. Even though the student was included as the best student in his school. Only because of his headscarves did he get discriminatory treatment at the graduation ceremony at a high school in Adana City, Turkey, on Thursday (7/6).

The student named Tugba Demir, was prohibited from going to the podium to receive an award because he was wearing a hijab. While the other three veiled female students were ordered by the Principal, Ayla Avsar, to sit at the back of the hall during the graduation ceremony.

The incident took place at the Ihsan Adana Sabanci High School, Turkey. An investigation has been conducted on this incident, which was a direct order from the Governor of Adana, Huseyin Avni Cos. For his discriminatory actions, Ayla Avsar was stopped from his duties as headmaster. The head of the Adana Province Education Division, Mehmet Ali Selamet, confirmed the termination of Avsar. Selamet also added that inspectors had been tasked with investigating the incident further.

Meanwhile, another anti-headscarf case in Turkey befell a student at a university in the city of Izmir. He faced discrimination when his lecturer asked him to leave the room when carrying out the final examination. Zeynep Cebi, a third-year student majoring in philosophy from the University of Aegean in Izmir, was forced to leave the classroom during the exam by Professor Sabri Surgevil because Cebi was wearing a headscarf.

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