Friday, June 22, 2012

Again, Israeli fighter jets attack Gaza

The Zionist regime's fighter jets attacked again Gaza Strip which resulted in at least seven Palestinians, including two teenagers, being martyred and five others injured.

On Tuesday night (19/6), Israeli fighter jets targeted two men riding motorbikes in the city of Deir al-Balah. As a result, one of them died instantly and another was in critical condition.

Earlier on the same day and in the same city, two Palestinian teenagers were martyred by the Zionist regime's airstrikes.

On Monday, four Palestinians were killed by an Israeli fighter jet attack in Beit Hanoun.

Israeli forces often carry out bombings in the Gaza Strip and claim that these actions were carried out for defensive purposes. The attack on Israeli warplanes violated international law and claimed many civilian casualties.

The Gaza Strip has been blocked by Israel since 2007. As a result of the siege, Palestinians in the region have experienced various sufferings, ranging from lack of energy supplies to lack of medicines.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

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