Thursday, June 21, 2012

Provocative steps of Israel on the border with Egypt

The expansionist policy of the Zionist regime of Israel on the occupied Palestinian border with Egypt entered a new phase.

Israel on Monday (18/6) placed tanks and other heavy equipment on the border. The move shows the true identity of Israel, where the regime always casts threats and aggression to achieve its rotten ambitions.

The Zionist regime's provocative movements over the past few months on the Egyptian border were actually a violation of the Camp David peace agreement signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979.

Based on the peace agreement, the placement of troops, tanks, anti-tank missiles and all other forms of heavy weapons, in the border area between occupied Palestine and Egypt is not allowed, and the area must be free from weapons.

Military placements and war equipment on the border with Egypt prove that the Zionist regime has never been committed to its agreement.
The agreement, known as the peace agreement with the Arabs, was used as a tool for Tel Aviv to impose its expansionist policies.
The ambition of the Zionist regime of Israel has encouraged this regime to always violate the peace agreement including the Camp David agreement. Even though the agreement benefits Israel.

Therefore, public opinion in the region considers that all peace agreements, some of which are signed between the Arabs and Israel, are despicable agreements and do not produce anything except to harm the nation in the region, so they demand an end to the agreement.
One obvious feature of the widespread revival of the people in Arab countries is the increasing anti-Zionist regime's attitude to Israel which demands decisive steps against this regime to cancel the Camp David agreement.

Transformation in the region has increasingly alienated Israel at the regional level and that has caused concern for all Israeli officials.
It seems that the placement of Israeli forces on the border with Egypt aims to create fear and is a threat to the people of that country.
But the process of revival of the Egyptian people and their assertion to realize all the ideals of the revolution, including the termination of relations with the Zionist regime and supporting the Palestinian people, is proof that the anti-Israel attitude is even stronger.

In the current situation, the threat and provocative steps of the Israeli military towards the people of Egypt will only increase the hatred and disgust of the people of that country towards Tel Aviv.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

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