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The Banat of Islam and Jewish Circumcision in Germany

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The district court in the city of Cologne, Germany ruled that circumcision of boys based on religious teachings was banned because it included persecution.

ReportedGerman wave(DW), the court made the decision based on the case of a 4-year-old Muslim boy, who was rushed to the emergency room because of heavy bleeding two days after being circumcised by a doctor for his parents' mandate.

The incident was tracked by the city prosecutor's office in Cologne. The prosecutor then dragged the doctor who did circumcision to the green table.
But later, even though the court's verdict stated that the doctor was guilty of persecution, he was released on the grounds of obtaining a mandate from the child's parents and was not aware of the circumcision ban.
In Germany every year thousands of Muslim and Jewish boys are circumcised according to their respective religious conditions.

The Jewish Central Council in Germany considers the Köln court's verdict a dramatic attack on the legal rules of religious freedom.
"The circumcision of a new born Jewish boy is an inseparable part of the Jewish religion as outlined by Abraham and has been practiced for several millennia. In all countries in the world this religious right is respected," read the statement of the Jewish central council.

They urged parliament - as a rule-maker - to protect religious freedom from such attacks.
The verdict from the Cologne district court will be a legal role model for similar cases, said criminal law expert Holm Putzke from the city of Passau.
"Court decisions differ from politics, which fear being labeled as anti-Jewish or anti-religious freedom," Putzke told the dailyFinancial Times Germany, quotedDW(26/6/2012).
"With the Köln court verdict, now the doctors also have legal certainty."

Based on the Köln court verdict, doctors in all of Germany can now be sentenced, charged with torture, if they conduct circumcision operations on Muslim or Jewish children for religious reasons.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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