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LDII Golden Child Third Deradicalisation Project

By Hanif Kristianto (Lajnah Siyasiyah HTI East Java)

Deradicalization is an interesting issue that is never understood by the people. Especially by Indonesians. The term deradicalisation is widely after the events of bombings and acts of terrorism. Though acts of terrorism, violence and bombing have been around for a long time. As an example of events of war, disputes, occupation of a country is an act of terror to a nation. The activity in the form of terror acts was linked to radicalism. Therefore, so that someone does not repeat radical actions. So there is an effort to deradicalization, namely the effort to eliminate radicals - thoughts, actions - from someone. The focus is not only on someone, but also on the group.
Indonesia, which is part of the world Muslim entity, becomes a deradicalization land. This is in accordance with the direction of the RAND Corporation, ICG, and other foreign pressures (US, Australia, etc.) such as Australian pressure on granting clemency to Gorby due to drug cases. Naturally they make Indonesia a deradicalization project. Considering that many of the perpetrators they consider "terrorists and radicals" come from Muslims. The reason is tendentious. Even though acts of terror can be carried out by anyone without a religious background.
Anyone can call America who dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with radicals and terrorists. Israeli occupation in Palestine is also radical and terrorist. If all agree with the term radical is associated with acts of terror.

BNPT Is Not Alone
Deradicalization in Indonesia is run by BNPT (National Counter-Terrorism Agency). BNPT is not alone in its action. BNPT cooperates with several Islamic organizations (MUI, NU, LDII, etc.), NGOs (The Wahid Institute, etc.) and schools / campuses (UI, etc.). The activity was carried out as legitimacy if Muslims in Indonesia agreed to de-radicalization. In essence, organizations or schools that are invited to collaborate have a commitment to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia and accept Pancasila as a religion in religious life.
BNPT first cooperated with the Central MUI on this agenda. BNPT knows that the MUI is a representation of ulama ', kyai, a role model for the Indonesian people. MUI is also the official state institution. Then the fatwa or decision issued by the MUI is usually trusted by the people. If the MUI conducts de-radicalization, it is clear that the people will be led to a new understanding so that the people are not poisoned by the idea of ​​transnationalism, which is sometimes not clear about the idea. Sometimes MUI's attitude is strange. Some clerics who represent the MUI do not agree with deradicalization. There are also clerics who make deradicalization as a project. What needs to be remembered is that the BNPT receives large funds from the state budget and foreign assistance. So anyone who will be invited to cooperate must be tempted by the false funds or fame promised by BNPT.
NU signed the MoU on August 11, 2011. NU was very excited to welcome this collaboration. Technically, NU was asked to help eradicate terrorism through persuasive steps in the form of de-radicalization. As some of the management's statements. "The de-radicalization is indeed the duty of the mass organization, but if the eradication of terrorism is the obligation of the authorities. NU strongly supports this collaboration, which practices will provide understanding to the people to avoid radical attitudes," said Kang Said at the PBNU Office, Jalan Kramat Raya No.164, Central Jakarta. Monday, August 15, 2011 [1]. The Muslimat NU management also signed the MoU on February 16, 2012. The Chairperson of NU's PP Muslimat, Khofifah Indar Parawansa said, all institutions and mass organizations invited to cooperate with BNPT hoped the deradicalization program would run smoothly and bring peace to the lives of Indonesian people [2].
Meanwhile, the Center Leader of the Nahdlatul Ulama Student Association (PP IPNU), which from the beginning had committed to fighting the religious radicalism movement, worried that a new generation of terrorism would be born among students. "For a long time we have encouraged the national education ministry to be alert to the threat of radicalism of students, especially clergy "Because the results of our research and analysis state that a new generation of terrorism is born from school education institutions," he said. [2]
Although BNPT has not been able to invite other organizations, but BNPT can smile. Because "big fish" Indonesian Islamic organizations have been provoked and caught in the "deradicalisation" net. BNPT does not stop because deradicalization is a project. As long as money from the state budget and foreign donors continue to flow. During that time the BNPT worked. So those who are targeted and expected to enter again are LDII (Indonesian Islamic Da'wah Institute). This paper will explore the objectives and LDII in 'deradicalisation' mainstreaming.

LDII Political Gait
The community has known LDII as usual. Not so much news that tells political activities in Indonesia. The appearance of LDII was initially controversial. The ideology adopted by LDII is no different from the flow of Islamic Jama'ah / Darul Hadith which was banned by the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia in 1971 (RI Attorney General's Decree No. Kep-089 / D.A / 10/1971 dated 29 October 1971). The existence of LDII has historical roots with Darul Hadith / Islamic Jama'ah which was founded in 1951 by Nurhasan Al Ubaidah Lubis (Madigol). After the flow was banned in 1971, it was later renamed the Islamic Employee Institution (LEMKARI) in 1972 (dated January 13, 1972).
But with the existence of Law No. 8 of 1985, LEMKARI as an abbreviation of Islamic Employee Institution in accordance with MUBES II of 1981 changed its name to the Islamic Da'wah Employee Institution, also abbreviated as LEMKARI (1981). Followers of the sect in the 1971 elections supported GOLKAR, then LEMKARI affiliated to GOLKAR and then changed their name again according to the 1990 LEMKARI congress / congressional decision under the name Indonesian Islamic Da'wah Institution (LDII).
LDII currently shows a new face. This is done so that people are willing to accept the chest. LDII is like NU, Muhammadiyah, or other Islamic organizations. Since LDII was established, this organization sought protection from the government. Elections for the sake of elections are followed by LDII by placing them as candidates for certain political parties. Call it: Golkar, PDI-P, and Democrats. The formal pathway is seen by LDII as a safe path to secure LDII's interests and sustainability. Sometimes LDII gets disappointment when affiliated with political parties. Many LDII candidates are not elected. Understandably the political parties only want their support during the election. After that stay. If observed, LDII is looking safe only in the shade of government in this country.

LDII step in de-radicalization
Release from various controversies among the people related to LDII. There is an interesting thing, namely the objective of LDII to accept the offer of deradicalization by BNPT. The LDAD deradicalisation discourse was beaten at the LDII National Working Meeting in Indonesia in Bogor Bogor Agricultural University, 11-12 April 2012. Ansyad Mbai explained several things about 'venturing' the BNPT deradicalization. He discourse if those who deserve to do this (deradicalization) are ulama 'and moderate Islamic organizations. He also told me when his childhood felt a radical ideology in his birthplace. He acknowledged that terrorism had no clear definition. A radical explanation was conveyed by Ansyaad Mbai that a democratic country is slander and shirking its law. Pancasila is shirk. Democracy, nationalism, and secularism are in conflict with aqeedah. Accepting democracy means denying the Qur'an. Anyone, an Islamic person who justifies democracy, even though the kiyai, the ustadz, the mubaligh stay away from not having intimacy with him. If you die, don't want to be praised. This is a small example of extreme ideology. Is that true or not? How to fortify this ideology. The essence of Islam but all are political, want to be in power. In addition, he also conveyed the pyramid chart of radicalism to become terror.
If observed the statement and confide in Ansyaad Mbai is very thick with sheepfighting. This is a character murder for anyone who fits the criteria of radicalism ideology according to BNPT. Moreover, the attendees of the National Meeting of LDII took it for granted, without confirmation of the truth regarding the ideology of radicalism. Of course, this is not the same as the initial appearance of LDII. Some consider LDII misguided, forgiving other than LDII people, even the more extreme ones mop the mosques occupied by prayers other than LDII. BNPT's anesthesia to LDII is like making LDII follow its direction in the fight against terrorism. Nothing but war against fellow Muslim brothers. This is indeed a form of defection and fooling the Muslims. Muslims and mass organizations are forced to follow the moderate Islam that the invaders want. This is very dangerous in the harmony and ukhuwah of the people.
The de-radicalization of LDII and BNPT was continued at the provincial level. A total of 100 LDII preachers from East Java participated in the Deradicalisation Da'wah Training at Sunan Ampel Surabaya IAIN auditorium on 19-20 May 2012, in collaboration with LDII East Java DPW with the Sunan Ampel Surabaya Institute of Islamic Studies Iyasah Jinayah IAIN Faculty. The concept of deradicalisation has become a part of the "MoU" signed by the LDII DPP with the PBNU on the National Meeting of LDII. The hope of the collaboration is to form similarities in carrying out da'wah, especially in upholding the NKRI. [4]
The resource person who delivered the briefing included Prof. Dr. KH Abd. A'la MA. (Chancellor of Sunan Ampel Surabaya IAIN), Prof. Dr. KH Faishal Haq MAg (Dean of Sharia Faculty of Sunan Ampel Surabaya IAIN), and Drs H Sudjak MAg (Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of East Java Province). In addition, Prof. Dr. H. Syafiq A. Mughni MA (Chairperson of Muhammadiyah Central Leadership), Prof. Dr. KH Ali Aziz MAg (East Java BAZ Body Trustees), Drs KH Ilhamullah Sumarkan MAg (Chairperson of LDNU PW East Java), Drs KH Abdusshomad Bukhori ( East Java MUI General Chairperson, and so on.

Muslims, especially leaders of organizations, must be aware of the BNPT agenda. Islamic organizations should not be 'talkative' and just follow them. Especially just looking for a sensation and safe. LDII is targeted by the BNPT not for reasons. Consistent and the future struggle of LDII is expected and made a golden child in the deradicalization project. This is in accordance with LDII's goal is "Improving the quality of civilization, life, dignity and life of the community, nation and state and participating in the development of Indonesia as a whole, which is based on faith and devotion to the Almighty God for the realization of democratic civil society and social justice based on Pancasila, which is blessed by Allah Subhanahu Wa ta'ala. "
The method used by BNPT is exactly the same as foreign methods to destroy Muslims by pitting them in thought. If the beginning is only limited to discourse and attack with each other's arguments. In the end there will be inevitable physical warfare (initially hating each other, slandering, forgiving, then there are fights and physical fights between groups, etc.). So clearly, if LDII follows the flow of deradicalisation da'wah that happens is just trickery. LDII or other Islamic mass organizations will be left behind even if the deradicalisation protests have succeeded. LDII will become a tool for foreign extension in the name of Islamic organizations to destroy other Muslims. Of course the spirit of LDII in deradicalisation preaching is contrary to its motto. Moto LDII - there are three [3] mottos, namely:
1. "And let some of you who invite to virtue and enjoin what is good and prevent that which is wrong, they are the lucky ones" [Q.S. Ali Imron, verse: 104]
2. "Say this is my way, and those who follow me invoke Allah with clear proofs: Glory be to Allah and I am not of the idolaters" [Q.S. Yusuf, verse: 108];
3. "Call upon the way of thy Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and defend them with the better" [Q.S. An-Nahl, verse 125].
Therefore, whatever their organizations should fight for Islam is not to propagate deradicalization or understanding other than Islam. It is precisely when Islamic organizations do not fight for the establishment of the Sharia and the application in the frame of the Caliphate which happens is actually a loss. Losses in the world due to neglect of the application of Islamic Sharia. Losses in the hereafter for not fighting for Islam. Even more tragic if the existing Islamic organizations only look for faces, find funds, and close themselves to survive from the wronged government. Then immediately fight for Islamic Sharia. Not others. Are they unconscious? Wallahu 'Alam bus sowab.

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