Friday, June 15, 2012

Let's Do it! I can definitely !!

Have you ever had a friend who hasn't told you anything when you can't give a job to do something? Or hurriedly refuse when another friend asks for his help when in fact he can actually do it all? Bete, that must be what we feel when we meet friends like this. Or, even if we are like this ?! Whuyy ... too annoying.

Believe it or not, sometimes we also like this. Sometimes or frequency? Hehe ... it's not important, but what's important is how to do it so that we don't become annoying people with a little talk or not. Often the word can not arise from various factors within us. Whether it really really can't because it doesn't have the expertise or knowledge related to the problem assigned, either because it's too busy, lazy, or even not confident.

Be careful, all the factors above, together make us stagnant or not able to develop our potential, make us shunned by others, and make us later will be difficult to get help from others when we really can't do it own. One by one we will discuss how to overcome them.

First, if you don't understand how to do it, don't hesitate to learn. Because, knowledgeable people are not people who have learned a lot but it is people who never stop learning. So, if you really don't know how to do it, then learn from people who know it. If it's too busy? Really? Try to choose again which ones we really need to do which don't really need to be done. For example, what really needs to be done is to help the mother clean the house and what's not important is watching Korean drama that melo abis. Lazy? Whaa ... this really doesn't have to be in the dictionary of Muslim teenagers, man! The Prophet Muhammad only really rested when praying. How do you do with us who are used to pampering ourselves with listening to radio for hours while sleeping. Must be changed from now on, Fren!

What if I'm not confident? Hmm ... this must also be overhauled from now on. Try to see the story of an Abdullah bin Ummi Maktum friend of the Prophet Muhammad who was disabled. He was extraordinarily enthusiastic. Even though his eyes are blind but he is keen to go to war with the Prophet. In fact, the Messenger of Allah had given him relief not to go to war, but he was indeed more in love to be able to do something than stay at home while others went to war. Now, if Abdullah bin Ummi Maktum RA, who is blind, can do much, go to the battlefield and eventually fall as a martyr, then we who are normal certainly can do more than him, right? Or, look at the words of Hellen Keller, an American politician, writer, and lecturer who is blind, "I'm only one but still one. I cannot do anything but I can do something. And because I cannot do it everything, I won't refuse to do the something I can do. "

Helen Keller's achievement is indeed not comparable to the glory of Abdullah bin Ummi Maktum, but the spirit of both of them to do their best with their limitations, should be an example for those of us who are "fine". Develop in our minds that we can do it.

In order for this mind and spirit to be "sure you can" can develop continuously in your mind, then associate with people who are also positive-minded and don't stop developing their potential. Remember that Allah SWT has said, "Indeed, We have created man in the best form." QS. Ath-Thin verse 4 Thus, we must also have been created by God with millions of potential and millions of abilities that can only be proven. Then, how can you prove it, if you haven't done anything, you can't?

Now it's time for Sob, to prove to Allah SWT that we don't waste the abilities that He has given us and we are grateful for those gifts. To be more effective, read self-development books and biographies of successful people. Know that they also used to be "funny" like us, both made many mistakes. However, they kept trying and never said they couldn't.

One important thing, every thing that will be done has two possibilities; failed or succeeded. But, we will not feel the beauty of success if we never try it and we will never take lessons from failure if we also never tried it. So, failure or success, is still beneficial for us right? Let's do it!

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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