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Smart Youthful Meaningful Holidays With Islam

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Oh vacation vacation .. Who doesn't like to hear the word vacation? Vacation feels like a worldly paradise after going through school and National Examination or Graduation Test. A long vacation comes like an oasis in the middle of the desert for most students after about a year of struggling with theories, formulas, memorabilia, plus those that don't miss homework assignments aka PR which are sometimes not human because of the many and difficult things. Never mind the holidays, just going home from school early is really great.

Holiday of Capitalists
: (there is money there is happy)
Adolescents #smartwithISLAM, have you never counted for fun or knew in one year how many days were there holidays or how many times were we off? It turned out to be quite a lot, from the start of the holiday to the New Year or the Hijri, the independence day, the day of religious celebration, not to mention the long holiday semes or the increase of classes and other holidays. Wuihh ... a lot huh? Hmm ... Maybe this is also what makes the pangajar (teachers) have to have the heart to give the weight of the lesson which is quite heavy because the learning time is lacking but on the other hand the subject matter is still to be conveyed. Like simalakama fruit. The condition of this learning is the fruit of the application of a capitalist education system oriented to the collection of theories that does not contribute to character formation.

Therefore, this unbalanced condition makes students or even their teachers so waiting for the day off to relieve fatigue because the energy and mind that has been repelled is like a machine, students because the school schedule is full of learning weights that are too heavy and many are not yet added tutoring schedule after school, while the teacher also has to teach with a busy schedule not to mention if there are those who teach in more than one school. So, they consider it very reasonable if the holiday is considered as a moment to relax and enjoy the pleasure without the burden of responsibility that must be raised even if the holidays are rarely made an excuse so that the prayer is also a holiday. Masha Allah...

Well ... this is where the capital (investors) swiftly see the business opportunities of so many people who need entertainment or just refreshing to take a moment of fatigue. Moreover, the hedonic culture has become a life style in this secular country (separating religion in life), so whatever the rupiah must pay they are willing as long as they can get the pleasure they want. Many holiday alternatives that can be chosen from starting a holiday in the country to abroad. For those who will spend holidays in the country do not need to worry because there are entertainment venues ranging from just a restaurant that has natural nuances to tourist attractions that offer a variety of games. This is the product of capitalism that glorifies money as a standard of happiness. The point is we have to buy our own happiness !! Even though, after spending money on vacation and having fun, they also want to not want to keep having to "reconcile" with their daily routine, school (study) or work until they meet again for the next vacation.

Holidays in the view of Islam

"(Stay on) the nature of God who has created man according to that nature. There is no change in the nature of Allah." (Surah Ar-Rum: 30). Islam is a natural and balanced religion. Islam encourages its followers to work also on vacation. Vacation is needed for a short break to be able to return to more quality activities but still in the standard of obedience to Allah SWT, not to relax or do activities that are futile especially those that lead to disobedience. Na'udzubillah.

Teenagers #smatwithISLAM, actually we don't need to vacation for weeks, spending all our time just having fun. Why? Because it will only weaken the activity of thinking and be lulled by laziness, not to mention the physically tired after a long vacation instead of the enthusiasm for returning to school that is there to wake up in the morning hard to ask for forgiveness. That's right? Islam, the perfect religion that we love governs in such a way that humans can still live in their fidelity between hablumminallah (how human relations with Allah), hablumminannas (human relations with other humans) and hablu binafsi (human relations with himself) , SAW's Ra-Sulullah as a role model for humanity gave an example of how to use the time to take a break and vacation amid his da'wah activities.

Of course teenagers #smartwithISLAM know that our essence is created is to worship Allah SWT. "And I did not create jinn and men but that they worship Me" (Surah Adzariyat: 56). Therefore whatever we do must be aimed at and valued in worship before God, including holidays, not to vacation, just to let go of fatigue and boredom of learning by squandering money or having fun that indulges in lust, especially holidays that neglect worship. , holidays accompanied by liquor and drugs, and holidays that cause shirk to Allah SWT. If this is rich, it means bringing misery to the afterlife, friend.

A meaningful vacation like Teenagers #smartwithISLAM

If teenagers #smartwithISLAM will not choose things that are "NOTHING" to fill time off, because they know when on vacation or daily activities will all be meaningful if you are in the corridor of obedience to Allah SWT and reach happiness with His blessings. So, let's make a holiday now and then to make it meaningful:

1. Vacation, sharing time with family:
Have we ever thought for a moment, maybe father and mother really miss our attention when we are preoccupied with various kinds of school activities and more. So it doesn't hurt, take our time and attention to parents, siblings, improve harmonious communication with them, help with homework that is usually done by our parents, cleaning activities can be fun if done happily and with family.

2. Establish ukhuwah and friendship with relatives and relatives:
If possible, this holiday can't return home yet, it doesn't mean the chance of reward just disappears. Come on for a moment we take the time to visit our brothers, relatives, and friends. Rebuilding the relationship between friendship with fellow Muslims is very noble before God.

3. Holidays, moments of improving self-quality
Teenagers #smartwithISLAM, don't waste your long vacation just for fun that ends in immorality. This moment is just right to deepen the knowledge and understanding of various things including Islamic law. In what way? Studying Islam for sure.

4. Holidays, meditating on nature
The universe that Allah SWT created is very easy. We can get a lot of things when we look at this nature with the breath of faith, how from the elevated sky, from the sturdy mountains that are upheld and from the earth laid out can eliminate all fatigue instantly, guaranteed to also refresh energy and mind. But there is a value that we can get from this tafakur, namely bertaqqarub ilallah (draw near to Allah). "Indeed, in the creation of heaven and earth and alternating nights and afternoons there are signs of the greatness of Allah for those who have reason" (Surat al-Imran: 190).

5. Vacation, ruhiyah charge
Maybe when we are still busy with daily activities or rhythms, we cannot be optimal in worship. Well ... this moment during the holiday we can be more concerned about improving mahdhoh (obligatory) and sunnah worship. Including paying the debt of the Ramadan shaum which is often neglected.

Holidays in the Islamic Caliphate

Adolescents #smartwithISLAM, in the period of the Islamic Islamic Javanese faith, intended to refresh and upgrade their conditions, the Prophet explained that activities that we can do with physical honing such as swimming, riding horses and self-defense (which is certainly in accordance with the Shari'ah sob!) The Messenger of Allāh utan as a role model for mankind gave an example of how to take advantage of the time to rest and vacation. Ayesha reported that her father Abu Bakr had traveled to Ayesha's house, at which time two slaves of Ayesha were playing war, in the days of Mina. While the Prophet peeked at the two of them behind his clothes. Abu Bakr forbade them to do this. So the Prophet opened his shirt and said: "Leave both of them O Abu Bakr, Because these are feasts. Those are Mina's days."

Apart from that teenagers #smartwithISLAM can also sharpen their intelligence during holidays, such as being told by young scholars who must also spend their time when on holiday with productive activities such as making books that are famous until now. Among other things, Abu Ali Al-Husein Ibn Sina or known as Avicenna, who lived between 986-1037 AD A great Muslim scientist at that time. Its specialties include the age of 10 years already memorized the Qur'an, then at the age of 18 years have been able to master all the knowledge that existed at that time, his field of expertise is medicine, physics, geology, mineralogy. Also in Medicine, Philo-sophy, Mathematics, Astronomy. For those of you who are headed or around your teens, let's improve ourselves so we can be like Ibn Sina.

Let's start to organize ourselves starting with learning to fill a holiday with a lot of goodness. Use your time as well as possible so that each of our breaths will always be a kindness and help to us in the last days. Have a good vacation! Congratulations on Deepening Islam! Congratulations on making ukhwah! And still #smartwithISLAM.

Allahua'lam @smartwithISLAM

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