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Islamic Boarding School Graduates Denied Registering Police in Madura

Being a graduate of a pesantren in Indonesia is not easy. Some have gotten a negative stigma because they are accused of being involved in 'terrorism', hardline, conservative, ancient Islam, and so on. Whereas in Sumenep, Madura, a graduate of an Islamic boarding school with a Madrasah Aliyah certificate was refused entry to the National Police.

One of the cases happened to a pesantren graduate named Moh. Azhari and Fery. Both were rejected when they wanted to register as candidates for Brimob and Dalmas police.

Moh. Azhari is Sumenep's alumni II An-Nuqayah Guluk-Guluk alumni while Fery, MA Robin Sumenep alumni. Both were rejected by the receiving committee at the Sumenep Police Headquarters on the grounds that they were alumni of Islamic boarding schools.

"I registered because there the high school / MA alumni were also allowed to register, but in fact I was rejected, even though I used an MA diploma, even though I stayed," said Azhari, Friday (6/22) Radio Republik Indonesia.

In the terms, the first point is mentioned as having a certificate as high as the high school / MA majoring in Science / Social Sciences or Vocational High School. In the second point, special graduates of Islamic boarding schools in accordance with the letter of the Ministry of National Education which is recognized as equivalent to high school and allowed to register as a member of the Police include Gontor Ponorogo Ponpes, Al-Amien Sumenep, Mathabul Ulum Sumenep, and Al-Barokah Patianrowo Nganjuk.

"The reason I was rejected was because it was considered a graduate of an Islamic boarding school that was not included in the list of Islamic boarding schools that became a requirement," he added disappointed.

Azhari who was accompanied by the teacher from MA 2 An-Nuqayah, Guluk-Guluk, Sumenep, complained about the matter with the Sumenep Education Council (DPS).

Meanwhile, members of the Sumenep Education Council, Firdaus, said, internally
DPS has decided to send a letter to the Sumenep Regional Police Station. According to him, so far there has never been a rejection of the acceptance of candidates for police candidates whose MA diplomas are in the shade of Islamic boarding schools.

"We suspect the committee has misinterpreted the Islamic boarding school, because there are pesantren that issue local diplomas commonly referred to as"your teacher"But there are Islamic boarding schools whose diplomas are issued by the Ministry of Religion and Education, and for the An-Nuqayah and Robin Pesantren, this is an official diploma recognized by the ministry," he explained.

Meanwhile Chief of Police Sumenep AKBP Dirin through Deputy Chief of Police Moh Fadil, when confirmed by a number of journalists, said that if the reception had been at the direction of the East Java Regional Police.

"In relation to these objections, I will convey the East Java Regional Police to find the answer," he concluded.

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