Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mahmoud Sarsak will be free soon !!!

The hunger strike carried out by Palestinian national football players Mahmoud Sarsak, received support from all corners of the world, starting from the Underground Tawhid Community to French soccer player Eric Cantona. And now after almost 3 (three) months Mahmoud Sarsak went on a hunger strike, where his condition was getting weaker.

There is encouraging news that God willing, Mahmoud Sarsak will be released by Zionist Israel soon. This good news was revealed by Mahmoud Sarsak's lawyer, Mohammed Jabareen, on Monday 18 June 2012 Jabareen revealed that his party had entered into an agreement with Israel, and Sarsak God willing, would be released on 10 July 2012.

"As a sign that the Sarsak has stopped its hunger strike, and to ratify the agreement with Israel, Sarsak has eaten a piece of chocolate given by me," said the lawyer Jaberein.
If this agreement is indeed implemented by Israel, then this will be a big victory for Sarsak, who, although never accused of any crime, has been slandered in the media as a "terrorist" by Israeli officials.

Although this agreement has been agreed upon, we must continue to safeguard this agreement, because in last May Israel reneged on the agreement that was signed at the time of the hunger strike of all Palestinian prisoners in Israel. allow to visit their relatives who are detained in Israel.

As previously reported through the Underground Tawheed, Mahmoud Sarsak has been detained by Israel for almost 3 years without going through a court process. Mahmoud Sarsak himself besides a soccer player is also a person who memorized 30 Juz of the Qur'an and every night always carried out pick-up weapons guarding the Gaza border.

Undergroundtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

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