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Former Reverend: Accept Islam, To Be Happy The Hereafter

MAKKAH - Pandit bane Musalmaan, 42, an Indian citizen, sits with a pen and his mind is full of things. He wrote the story of his life, Pandit bane Musalmaan nickname in his birthplace, he was previously a Hindu priest from India who embraced Islam. His name changed Abdur Rahman.
This Indian citizen works as a shopkeeper in the Saudi Bin Laden BTAT, on the King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project, one of the construction companies handling projects across the Grand Mosque of Mecca.
Before coming to Jeddah and embracing Islam, Abdur Rahman was known as Sushil Kumar Sharma. His hometown is in Amadalpur, a small village in Haryana, the northern Indian state. He was born into an orthodox Hindu family with the privilege of leading religious rituals in village temples.
While living in a company shelter in Jeddah, a friend gave him several Islamic books in Hindi. He was later transferred to Riyadh to work on a project on the campus of the female Princess Noura University. "In that shelter I met a number of Muslims from India and Pakistan who explained about Islam to me," Sharma said.
One of them was Sharma's best friend. His name is Salim, originally from Rajasthan - a state in northwestern India. They both live in one room. In his spare time, Salim told the stories of the prophets in Islam and recited the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad."My heart trembles. And I begin to ask myself. What will happen to me after death? Will I go to hell forever because of my sins? I am afraid of the tomb of sin for sinners and infidels,"Sharma said.
He began to spend the night without being able to close his eyes. He felt it was time to embrace Islam and become a loyal follower of the Prophet Muhammad. Finally, Sharma's long search for truth comes to an end. "The next day, I revealed the intention to embrace Islam to Salim and other colleagues at the shelter. There was joy in our workplace. Everyone was happy, they congratulated and hugged me," recalled Sharma.
"For me, Islam is a system of universal brotherhood that knows no caste, difference, color, or race. This is what makes me interested in Islam," he said.
The next day, a meeting was held with members of the Cooperative Office for Calls and Guidance in Al-Batha, Riyadh. The imam of the mosque in the shelter leads Sharma to pronounce two sentences of creed. "I uttered the two sentences of the creed with all my heart, accepted Allah as God and Muhammad SAW as His Messenger. The Imam of the mosque also advised me to change the name to Abdur Rahman. I accepted it," recalls Sharma.
After that, Sharma alias Abdur Rahman was transferred to Bahra, a city located near the Makkah-Jeddah highway. The project overseer was also happy to know that he had embraced Islam. The foreman was kind to him and often extended help. "However, I want to be close to God," Rahman said. "I prayed to God to move me to Mecca. Alhamdulillah, my prayer was granted. I was transferred to a workplace close to the Grand Mosque."
Return home and preach
Now, Abdur Rahman has a big task; convey Islamic messages to family members. He has a wife and two sons; seven years and 16 sixteen years.
He also told his family by telephone, that he had embraced Islam and became a Muslim. Initially, they did not believe. His wife said he would determine his attitude after Rahman returned home during his holiday. "Every day I pray and pray to Allah SWT to guide my family to the right path, and soften their hearts to accept Islam," Rahman said with tears in his eyes.
Rahman is also aware-as a former pastor of honor-will face many opposition from his relatives, friends and relatives of one village. However, he is determined to face them with da'wah and wisdom. "I believe God will help me," he said.
Abdur Rahman also told everyone, "I want to convey messages to all non-Muslims in the world to accept Islam, so that they will survive in the world and hereafter."
"And to all Muslims, to follow and implement the teachings of Islam as delivered by the Prophet, I beg you, stop imitating others!".

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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