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Maryam Jameela, Conversation Who Conquered the Hegemony of Jewish Philosophy and Propaganda

The world knows this character as a well-known intellectual and writer in the fields of religion, philosophy and history. Maryam Jameela, so its Muslim name. He has produced a number of important works in Islamic thought, including Islam and Western Society: A Refutation of the Modern Way of Life, Islam and Orientalism, Islam in Theory and Practice, and 'Islam and the Muslim Woman Today'.

One of the things that should be noted from the writings and thoughts of Maryam Jameela, was her belief in Islam which she considered the best religion. Islam is a religion with complete excellence, so that it is the only way to lead a better life, both in the world and the hereafter.

Through his work, Maryam wants to spread her belief to all Muslims throughout the world. The hope is that the people will be more confident to be able to utilize the superiorities of Islam in order to gain glory in various fields of life.

The attitude and thought that 'trengginas' seems cannot be separated from the background of the life of this scholar. Indeed, the woman born May 23, 1934 was a Jew. Islam took place when he was a teenager.

He bears the name Margaret Marcus before embracing Islam. Originally from a Jewish family, Margaret grew up in a multiethnic environment in New York, United States. His ancestors are German. "Our family has lived in Germany for four generations and then assimilated to America," said Maryam, in the book Islam and Orientalism.

Little Margaret was very fond of music, especially symphony and classics. His achievements in music subjects were quite encouraging because he always got the highest score in the class. Until one day he listened to Arabic music on the radio, and immediately fell in love.

More and more days he likes this type of music. Margaret did not hesitate to ask her mother to buy Arabic music recordings at a shop owned by Syrian immigrants. Until finally, he heard the recitation of the Koran from a mosque that was not far from where he lived in New York City.

Margaret felt that there was a similarity between the Arabic music and the Koran. However, what he heard in the mosque was far more melodious. So, in order to enjoy the beauty of the recitation of the Qur'anic verses, little Margaret was willing to spend time sitting in front of the mosque.

When I was growing up, Margareth found out that the melodic chant that was melodious and had been cradling since childhood, was a Muslim. Little by little he then tried to find information about Islam, without any pretensions to this religion.

The increasingly intense contact with new Islam took place while studying at New York University. He was 18 years old at the time. In his second year, Margaret took a course in Judaism in Islam because she wanted to study Islam formally.

Every lecture, the lecturer often explained that Islam was a religion adopted from Judaism. Everything that is good in Islam basically comes from Old Testament, Talmud and Midrash. Not infrequently films about Jewish propaganda are also played. In essence, what is presented in lectures often shows the inferiority of Islam and Muslims.

However, Margaret did not just get consumed by this indoctrination. He felt there was something strange about all the explanations because it seemed to be cornering. He felt challenged to prove that everything he received in this lecture was more nuanced to hatred towards Islam.

Margaret provides enough time, thought and energy to study Islam in depth, while comparing it with Jewish teachings. What happened? He actually saw a lot of mistakes in Judaism, instead finding the truth in Islam.

The results of his study were poured out in his letter to Abul A'la al-Mawdudi, a great Pakistani cleric. In writing there, "In the Old Testament there are indeed universal concepts of God and noble morals as taught by the prophets, but Judaism always maintains tribal and national character. Most Jewish leaders view God as a real estate agent who shares land for its own benefit.

So, even though the development of Israeli science and technology is very rapid, the material progress combined with tribal morality is a threat to world peace. "

Margareth's love for Islam is unstoppable. He is increasingly determined to choose Islam as a way of life. Finally when he was 19 years old, Margaret officially embraced Islam, precisely in 1961. He changed his name to Maryam Jameela.

As stated in the book Islam and Orientalism, actually the desire to be a convert to Islam since long ago, but always blocked his family. They frightened him by saying that Muslims would not be willing to accept it because they were of Jewish descent.

However, Margaret was not afraid, and she was able to prove that what her family said was not true. Muslims actually welcomed him warmly. The decision to convert to Muslimah, he admitted later, was also influenced by his admiration for two famous works from Mohammad Assad, namely The Road to Mecca and Islam at Crossroad.

After being converted, he experienced a kind of transformation of mindset which he termed 'transformation from a kafir mind into a Muslim mind' (a transformation from a pagan mind to a Muslim mind). According to Maryam, a change in mindset that affects behavior and speech in everyday life will occur if someone enters Islamic space. There are fundamental differences between the thoughts of a Muslim and an infidel.

Shortly after, Maryam began the activity of casting ideas, ideas and thoughts as a permanent writer in the Muslim magazine Digest published by Durban, South Africa. His articles often emphasize the core teachings about morals, piety and faith, and the truth in the religion of Allah SWT. And through his activities in the journal, he became more familiar with Mawlana Sayid Abu Ala Mawdudi, founder of the Jamaati Islami (Islamic Party) Pakistan, who is also a contributor in the same journal.

Mary was very impressed with Mawdudi's works and thoughts, so she decided to correspond. Correspondence between the two was carried out during the period 1960 and 1962, and then recorded with the title Correspondences Between Mawlana Mawdoodi and Maryam Jameela. Both of them discussed each other about many things related to the lives of Muslims, relations between Islam and the West, and much more.

Actually, moments before embracing Islam, Maryam Jameela had actively written a number of articles which essentially defended Islam. He also aggressively criticized various modern ideas that seemed to be forced to be applied to Islamic society.

At the invitation of Mawdudi, in 1962, Mary came to Pakistan. Not just visiting, he was even advised to settle in Lahore in order to focus more on his intellectual activities. Some time later, he married Muhammad Yusuf Khan.

Since settling in Pakistan, Mary has produced a number of influential works, including in translating Jamaati Islamic ideology with systematic language so that it is widely accepted. Although not formally involved in the party, Maryam was one of the most persistent defenders of the ideology and ideology of Islamic Jamaati. Until now, Maryam still lives in Pakistan and continues to work.

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