Friday, June 22, 2012

Chinese media: Moscow Examination for Western Tests

Half massa Cina
Tuesday (12/6) in various reports related to the Iranian nuclear issue quoting Tehran sources wrote, Moscow negotiations were a test for the West.

The statement of Iranian top brass, the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Tehran and Beijing's official stance regarding Iran's nuclear issue today became an important topic in various Chinese media. IRNA reported.
In various Chinese media, Iran was optimistic that pre-Moscow negotiations could be a positive step for both parties to end the existing friction.

Meanwhile, Tehran is concerned that the West will slow the progress of negotiations with various considerations.

China's official news agency wrote, the next round of negotiations between Iran and the Group of 5 + 1 will be held June 18-19 in Moscow, Russia.
On the other hand, the Chinese media quoted Kazem Jalali, an Iranian lawmaker who called the Moscow negotiations a test for the West to what extent their attitude would require a positive outcome or not.
"Iran has a transparent attitude and peaceful goal in its nuclear program. This policy will again be emphasized in Moscow," Jalali said.

Chinese media also quoted statements, Mehdi Sanai, lecturer at Tehran University, "Iran and Russia have good relations. Both countries also have extensive economic, political and cultural cooperation."
"The upcoming negotiations between Iran and Group 5 + 1 will also be a big test for Russian foreign policy, especially in this country there has been a change in the cadres of leaders," Mehdi Sanai said.

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