Sunday, June 10, 2012

Observing Hillary Clinton's Visit to the Caucasus Region

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton at the end of his visit to Scandinavian and Caucasus countries and before heading to Turkey first visit Baku, Azerbaijan.

Clinton's visit to the three Caucasus countries, Armenia, Georgia and the Republic of Azerbaijan received broad attention from regional mass media. These three countries are very important for the US considering natural resources, especially energy and its geographical position as a transit point. The geographical position of Azerbaijan and Armenia, which is adjacent to the Islamic Republic of Iran, also adds points to the country in the eyes of Washington.

Therefore, the United States always strives to persuade the Caucasus region to follow its policies towards Russia and Iran. Meanwhile, the desire of the pro-Western Georgian government to join NATO has drawn strong reactions from Russia. Russia after receiving a direct ceasefire recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. On the other hand, the US and its European allies, especially Germany and France, reacted to suspending Georgia's membership in NATO until unclear time and they carefully increased their political and economic relations with Georgia.

The Government of the United States to advance its ambitions in the Caucasus region faces greater difficulties in the Azerbaijan Republic and Armenia. Azerbaijan and Armenia after escaping from the Soviet Union fought each other over the Karabakh region. Continuing this area fell into the hands of Armenia. Over the past two decades various lobbies to resolve friction between Azerbaijan and Armenia have not worked.

While Americans are trying to approach Azerbaijan and Armenia, their efforts face difficulties especially regarding the issue of Karabakh. The NATO leaders in their latest statement at the Chicago Summit stressed the urgency to safeguard the sovereignty of the territories of Azerbaijan and Armenia. The statement was very disturbing to the President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan. In his reaction, Sargsyan said, "This attitude will slow down the process of solving Karabakh friction." On the other hand, Clinton's visit to Armenia is to attract the sympathy of this country.

The important point here is that the Armenian lobby in the United States is very strong, so that when Washington does not maintain a balance of relations with Azerbaijan and Armenia, the White House will get pressure from the Armenian lobby. Clinton's visit to Azerbaijan when Washington's Ambassador to Baku, Matthew Bryza was forced to be removed and returned to the United States at the urging of the Armenian lobby in Congress.

On the other hand, the attitude of the Azerbaijani government itself is unfortunate because it believes more in the power of regional trans to safeguard its sovereignty and power than to play an independent role in ensuring the interests of its people. Even though this policy for the past two decades has never produced results except to make this country a base for the activities of the Zionist Regime of Israel and the United States which are pursuing their interests in the region. The Azerbaijani people themselves have become victims and have not benefited at all.

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