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Why Syria?

By: Dr. Joserizal Journalist SPOT *

Syria is a country with a population of 22,517,750 people (estimated 2010). The composition of the population based on religion: 74% Sunni Muslims, 16% Alawi-Syiah-Druze Muslims, Christians and 10% others.

The current Syrian president is Bashar Al-Assad replacing his father, Hafesz Al-Assad, a Marshal. Hafesz Assad is a strong Syrian leader and dictator. Together with his brother, Rifyad Assad, they took Syria through difficult times especially in the 1967 six-day war.

Hafesz managed to capture Ellie Cohen, an Israeli spy, who infiltrated the Syrian government until she became a close friend of Hafesz. Hafesz hung Ellie Cohen even though she protested by many countries. Hafesz suppressed the Muslim Brotherhood, many casualties fell.

But on the other hand, he also wanted to accept Hamas's office in Damascus when Arab countries would not accept them to open representatives. Hafesz houses a large number of Palestinian refugees, one of the camps that the joint MER-C volunteers visited was Yarmuk camp.

Bashar is much softer than his father because he is a civilian (eye doctor?). Bashar's mistake is his family's hard and dictatorial track record, is not transparent about state finances and has not developed a democratic process in his country.

But the advantage is that he is committed to the struggle of the Palestinian people by providing a place for Hamas in Syria and fully supporting Hezbollah. Hamas (Sunni) and Hezbollah (Shia) are fully supported by Bashar because they are a resistance group (muqowwamah) against Israel.

The joint author of MER-C volunteers during a visit to Lebanon at the end of the 34-day war in 2006, witnessed that the Hamas office was in the Hezbollah complex which was destroyed by Israel during the 34-day war. This was deliberately stated by the writer to argue that Hezbollah was pretending to collaborate with Hamas. Hezbollah managed to defeat Israel in the land war.

Israel is very serious about the threat of these two resistance groups, because in their strength they are not a state but can compensate, even defeat Israel when Israel began carrying out ground attacks.

Of course, Israel must think about how to cripple these two armed resistance groups. For Hamas, Israel carried out Gaza's blockade policy because Hamas ruled here and continued to do so until now.

To cripple Hizbullah, it is logically easy, breaking up the supporting lines. The supporting path is Syria. Therefore, Syria must be controlled politically. Change the ruler!

Today, in the Arab world there is a trend to replace the rulers who have long been in power in an Arab Spring movement with the pretext of upholding democracy. This is road mapthe American foreign policy. We know US foreign policy is determined by Israeli lobby agencies (AIPAC, ADL, CFR, Rand Corporation, Bilderberg, etc.).

Of the rulers who have fallen and who are being tried to fall, Gaddafi and Bashar have a major contribution to Palestine. The author witnessed the help of Qaddafi trucking in line at Rafah Egypt when Gaza was attacked by Israel in 2009.

The plan for Bashar's decline was merely not a matter of Bashar democratic or not and tyrants or not, because there were Arab rulers like this who were not told to come down by the US, instead were invited to cooperate by the US to bring down Qaddafi and Bashar. Israel wants Bashar to come down! As usual, Israel manipulates the US through its foreign policy.

Along with the spirit of the Arab Spring, Israel and the US are riding this issue to bring down Bashar. In order to be more effective, this issue plus its tonality with sectarian issues, the Sunni-Shiite conflict is similar to the Qaddafi called the sunnah ink.

Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Europe are in one block against Russia, China and Iran in the Syrian conflict. Russia is very interested in fighting US domination in the Middle East because Syria lives on a Russian foothold after Libya fell to the West. In addition, the US also ransacked Russia by putting anti-missile perimeters in the former Soviet Union such as Georgia.

China does not want to be left behind in the fight against the US. After successfully holding back US hegemony in the economic field, China was threatened by the US through US naval movements in the Pacific. China has now succeeded in creating an anti-radar warship that has worried the United States.

Iran is a country that is not favored by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Arab countries because it succeeded in carrying out the Revolution 79 overthrew King Reza Pahlevi who is also a friend of the ruler of Saudi Arabia.

The kings feared that the revolution would be exported to their countries. One way to maintain their power, the most powerful issue blown is that Iran is a Shiite state not an Islamic country because the Shiites are heretical.

Iran has a big interest in Syria because Bashar can guarantee the Hezbollah logistical route. Israel and the West used all means to bring down Bashar, including arming the opposition with heavy weapons. Here is the role of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and a little Turkey.

Israel and the West also use the media and the United Nations to help them. This began to appear when the May 25 massacre in Houla, Syria. Victims are civilians including children and women.

The BBC immediately displayed a photo of a pile of massacre victims wrapped in a shroud. It was later revealed that the photo was a photograph of victims of the 2003 massacre in Iraq. Fortunately, the photographer, Marco Di Lauro, recognized the photo and protested to the BBC. The question is is this negligence or part of the anti-Bashar campaign?

The UN Commissioner for Human Right made the accusation that those who carried out the massacre were militia loyal to Bashar, namely Shabiyya. In fact, they only get information from local people via telephone.

According to the UN Security Council, victims in Houla were due to artillery and tank fire on Sunday, May 27, 2012. But on Tuesday, May 29, it was corrected by the UN High Commission for Human Right that the victim was shot at close range and slit his throat. But the allegations remain to the pro-Bashar militia.

Then it was revealed that the murdered was a supporter of Bashar. How could fellow supporters of Bashar kill each other. It is clear how the media and the UN are trying to make the situation worse so that the US and NATO can intervene with the UN umbrella in the name of humanity.

The conflict isn't over yet, we see how this Israeli game is going.


DinaSulaeman/The Truth Seeker Media

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