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Avoiding Conflict in Problem Communication

The question that might be a bit 'stupid' if it is still questioned by a human who lives in society, unless he lives alone for years in a dark cave friend, bat and humidity which of course he does not carry out the full function of communication.

Highlighting communication problems is the fact that we have understood it since we were born in this world, such as crying and whining because we want something or not wanting something and in the current condition alias in our time, that is productive humanity, of course we have learned a lot in communicating something in a way that better than crying and or whining, which is to use the language that should be.

In addition to how to communicate as explained previously, of course we must understand the true function of communication. Communication is used to convey information that is generally good and important information that the culprit can be two or more people who are directly connected to each other (face to face) or through communication media (telephone, SMS, chatting etc).

Communication becomes an important 'commodity' in social life that requires everyone to socialize with many people, where many things are to be conveyed and conveyed for the sake of personal or group goals and intentions.

If the purpose and purpose were not conveyed it could have been a misunderstanding and ended in not achieving the true intentions and objectives which in general were fatal for the continuity of the relationship intrapersonal involved in the communication.

In this case the problems that often occur in communication include, such as the occurrence of personal disturbances (personal problems) that exist within the communicant, making it difficult to provide and or receive information properly and intact as well as technical issues related to the media used in communication.

Both of these disorders (personal and technical) will greatly make the information delivered and received not fully maximal in accordance with the communicant's plan which will certainly have implications for the utilization of the information, which is generally instructional and coordinated whether in an organization or only in personal activities.

We take the example, when two friends meet in the condition that one of them has a personal problem.

Budi: Woy bro, kemana aje what?
Andi: Just want to know, it's noisy.
Budi: Yeh I want to borrow the motorbike.
Andi: Why do you take my motorbike, there's nothing like that.
This happened because of a communication error from both parties, Budi who was acting 'without playing' without thinking about the length and emotional condition of Andi that Budi had not known before delivering his intention to borrow Budi's motorbike, another case if the conditions were like this
Budi: Woy bro, kemana aje what?
Andi: Just want to know, it's noisy.
Budi: Why is this, is there a problem, bro?
Andi: Um ...
Budi: Just now, what's the story, what's wrong?
Andi: Be like this, blalablalbala ..
Budi: blablabla..

Long story short after Andi began to run out.

Andi: Thank you, bro, God willing, help, it seems you rushed to find me, what do you need?
Budi: Okay together, hehe. This, I want to borrow a motorcycle to buy a device bro.
Andi: Oh, just use it.

Yes, that is so, in conditions that are not conducive, communication will not run smoothly, intentions and goals will not be conveyed well and finally the desired reality will not come.

The conditions above are just a snippet of communication between two people whose scope is smaller than communication with many people such as in organizations where there will be more emotions, perspectives, thoughts and goals that are not necessarily always the same.

From the small example above we can take the lesson that there will be several obstacles that occur during communication that we should handle first before communicating so that everything goes well according to what you want to convey. Wallahua'lam

By: Muhammad Luthfi Ramadhan, Bandung

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