Sunday, June 10, 2012

Judging from Chinese and Russian Military Relations

After the end of the Cold War, economic, political and security relations between Russia and China experiencing growth. However, both of them are still cautious in cooperating with regional and international issues. At present the Moscow-Beijing bilateral cooperation, especially in the economic field, is at the highest level in recent years.

Meanwhile, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin recently stressed its desire to increase the volume of Russian trade relations with China from 83.5 billion dollars to 100 billion dollars by 2015 and reach 200 billion dollars by 2020.

On the other hand, military relations also occupy strategic positions for Moscow and Beijing. This was evident in Putin's visit to China recently. On his visit, Putin stressed that the military cooperation between the two countries was very important and he stressed increasing relations in this field.

Putin on the second day of his trip to China met with Chinese Deputy President Xi Jinping and stressed the strengthening of the Beijing-Moscow military cooperation including joint maneuvers. While hinting at the latest joint Russian and Chinese naval maneuvers in the Yellow Sea as one example of cooperation between the two countries, Putin stressed, "We will continue bilateral military cooperation and we have reached an agreement on this matter with Chinese President Hu Jintao."

Economic and military cooperation between China and Russia is currently experiencing rapid growth. Beijing is also a number of major buyers of warplanes, submarines and warships. In addition, the attitude of the United States which plans to place around 60 percent of its fleet in the Pacific Ocean adds to the enthusiasm of China and Russia to increase its military cooperation.

Observers believe that although they still do not trust each other especially due to the cold war, this relationship in the decade of Putin's leadership has progressed. In this case the Chinese Defense Minister, Liang Guanglie recently stressed that China and Russia will continue regional and international negotiations and joints to strengthen their relations. according to Guanglie, the level of cooperation between the two continues to increase and there are still many opportunities to increase this collaboration.

According to Guanglie, the two countries in this case have achieved satisfactory results. Among these are meetings of high-level officials of the two countries, cooperation in the field of military technology, strategic consultations with the armed forces chief of staff of the two countries as well as negotiations at the minister of defense.

Meanwhile, Sergey Ivanov, deputy minister of the Russian Defense also signaled military cooperation between Russia and China. He also hoped that the two countries would continue their negotiations in the field of strengthening bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields in order to enhance peaceful relations and create regional and international stability.

It seems that the United States' intervention strategy and Washington's transparent statement that calls China a threat make Beijing think of increasing its military capabilities in a short time, especially its missile capability. In addition, China is also trying to attract Russia to face US action in East Asia by increasing its military cooperation and buying sophisticated military equipment from Moscow and holding joint war maneuvers with Russia.

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