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Become History or Lose

Become History or Lose

In a matter of days, we will enter the middle of 2012. As an individual, there are certainly many records that we have toreh. There is a positive, there is also a negative. Positively and negatively, it is merely a predicate that must be inherent in human beings, creatures that are sometimes true and not infrequently wrong. Most important is the rate between these two things.

Islam as a teaching that brings mercy to the universe, through its Prophet is so clear in defining this. That the best age for a servant is when the duration is long and full of good records. Vice versa.

In another editorial, he also pointed out, "What today is yesterday is a loser. While lucky people are anyone who is better today than yesterday"Of course, anyone is restricted in the frame of 'believers.' Because without true faith in the pillars of faith that are six, no matter how great the achievements and benefits of someone in this world, then the results will be lost, like cotton: lots but not weight, as well as foam.

In addressing the positives and negatives of our records throughout 2011, of course there are many things that we must pay attention to. Regarding positive records, of course, you can't be proud. Must remain humble. That everything is achieved, only because of God. Without Him, we are nothing. In fact, to just live and live life, everything depends on Him the Almighty.

The second stage, of course we must not be complacent so we stop working. The achievements that have been made should be a whip to carve out the next work. Because of true stopping, it will only be in His heaven later. Keep on achieving is the price of death before your feet really step on heaven.

As a consequence of life, of course we don't deny the bad record we sometimes do. Deliberate or not, little or a lot. These notes are not to be lamented. Because lamenting self-error will only make us confined in endless despair. We must realize that it is a mistake that must be corrected immediately. If we have to go ahead and improve, then the mistake must be stopped immediately. Whatever the reason, somehow. Because continuing wrongdoing is a means to get to the brink of destruction.

In doing the right calculation and the mistake of self-action, what must be there is honesty. Being honest with yourself so that wrong is not justified and right is not blamed. This honest attitude will trigger yourself so that the objective in determining our attitude should be what the future life should be. Honest at this stage is the attitude that must exist if the success of the life we ​​desire. For those who cannot be honest in evaluating themselves, it is very unlikely that they will succeed in the future.

After being honest, the next stage is optimism. Don't lament the red report cards. Forget our bad grades. Focus on improvement. Make yesterday a mirror so that in the future it will be better. Make the past a more powerful trigger for achievement. There is no point in lamenting oneself that does not achieve, except for the downturn that will increasingly lead to a hole in failure. It is best to stare at the future bravely. The explosive (potential) of the self to reach paradise, as the highest achievement.

Optimists will not function much if not accompanied by patience. Patience is the fastest way to success. Patience is fuel so we are optimistic to live long. Patience is the fuel that will make yourself continue to go fast on the rails that have been outlined. Without patience, we will easily give up so that we will never be historical. Without patience, our dreams will never come true. Patience is a ticket that must be owned for anyone who wants his dream to be real.

Finally, in 2012 we need to rewrite our life's mission. Determine what things we will achieve. Both as a student, student, child, sister, brother, father, mother or other status that is inherent in us. Especially as a servant of God with various tasks given by the Creator.

We need to make formulas that we will practice in picking up dreams. Because dreams are winds that will make the kite of our lives fly high. The formula that we will make as a reference so that we can reach dreams in accordance with the time we want, according to God's will. Because once again, without our God nothing.

In 2012, it doesn't seem like an end. This year is a year that will be a vehicle for us to despair. So that not only in the form of a body, but there is an achievement left for the generation after us, God willing.

Let's continue the achievement, because our true success is ours.

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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