Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Minister of Health: Teenagers Cannot Be Banned from Buying Condoms

Jakarta -Minister of Health (Minister of Health) Nafsiah Mboi argue that there is no need to make special rules for teenagers who want to buy condoms in the mini market. Condoms are not at all prohibited goods and therefore do not need to prohibit sales in the mini market.

"That's why if a teenager feels he is at risk, he already has venereal disease. Why can't he use a condom? What is the reason?" Nafsiah sued after following a working meeting with Commission IX at the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Monday (06/25/2012)

"Condoms are not prohibited items. Are there no restrictions anyway?" he stressed. .

Nafsiah explained that the campaign for condom use for risky sex groups was not intended to distribute condoms for teenagers. Minister of Health assesses the Ministry of Health's work program to reduce the number of HIV / AIDS sufferers has been misinterpreted.

"Promotion of reproductive health is suspected of promoting condom use, it is not true. Minister of Health has never planned to distribute condoms in schools and adolescents," he said.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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