Thursday, June 21, 2012

MER-C: The Condom Campaign for Menkes Nafsiah Mboi is Immoral

The campaign for condom use by the Minister of Health Nafsiah Mboi was not based on religion, and only looked at statistics on the spread of diseases with heterosexual relationships.

The statement was conveyed by the Presidium Medical Emergency Rescue Committe (MER-C) Jose Rizal Journalist to itoday (16/6). "The way of thinking of the campaign is not based on religion. The way of thinking is very liberal, such as in the United States. Nafsiah Mboi's condom campaign is that sex outside marriage is prohibited by religion, but if you are forced please use a condom," said Jose Rizal.

According to Jose Rizal, with the campaign, the Minister of Health Nafsiah only saw the spread of diseases with heterosexual relationships. "Nafsiah only sees statistics. She doesn't see morality and so on, even though this issue is also moral. The campaign is the same, please have sex because there is a condom. This is chaotic, free sex is prohibited, if you use condoms it's okay," said Jose Rizal.

Jose Risal emphasized that MER-C strongly rejected condom campaigns by the Minister of Health Nafsiah Mboi. The campaign was morally unacceptable. Based on the Godhead the Almighty the Minister of Health's campaign was not acceptable.

"MER-C balked at how to deal with Aids in that way. Religious law must be enforced. Religious law for the benefit of humanity, but many consider it restraint of freedom. These are two things that are always pitted. Freedom is allowed, later people are free to embrace free sex in the name of freedom. Then there is a condom campaign, this has become chaotic, "said Jose Rizal.

Previously reported, Minister of Health Nafsiah Mboi said that she would increase the campaign to use condoms to the public, to prevent risky pregnancies. According to Nafsiah, the campaign on condom use is in line with the MDGs point 6, which is fighting HIV / AIDS.

Nafsiah said that what is meant by risky sex is that every sexual intercourse has the potential to transmit disease and or risk triggering an unplanned pregnancy. This campaign is important, considering there are still many cases of unplanned pregnancies that occur in adolescent children. According to him, it is very important to take a health approach to the community. Especially to prevent no pregnancy from happening because it was not planned.

Not only that, Nafsiah stressed that the current conditions are different from what happened in the field. According to him, the law which states that unmarried people should not be given contraception is irrelevant. Data from the BKKBN said that 2.3 million women had abortions.

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