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Those Who Are Waiting for Murabbi

Those Who Are Waiting for Murabbi

It turned out that outside the hut the da'wah fields were very broad. Like the earth and sky united, it is very wide. Very many of the people provided their ears and even their hearts to hear the call of our da'wah.

At every intersection to where I study, there are always young people who are waiting for the call of our da'wah. Even when the leisure time of a parking attendant is actually our preaching field that has not been touched. They just wait by sitting pensively during their free time. I don't know what they were waiting for ... could it be the call for our da'wah? I always hope so.

Today I started teaching a TPA (Al-Qur'an Education Park) in a mosque. And it was truly amazing, those who were very enthusiastic about learning the Qur'an even though stammeringly, were the generation of our hope that we would call this mission to all corners of the country. We need to forge it again so that this generation of hope is better than our generation. They are the superior seeds of our faith. To be sure, we must work on it seriously, so that we don't lose to the nursery that was done by PSSI in fostering the successor geners of BP (Bambang Pamungkas) et al. They are very swift in developing it, they have a level that in terms of age, there are U-12, U-13 to U-23 and the seniors and the material delivered are very classy.

Even they go abroad to increase flight hours, and sometimes they invite professional players both at home and abroad to just "coaching clinics". What about our da'wah nursery? Are there still sanlat proposals whose funds are still floating for some time and how many are down?

Whereas when I want to go home. I saw many mothers waiting for their children to come home from TPA. They are waiting for mothers from the landfill entry hours around 16: 00-17: 30. Sometimes while waiting for that, they are absorbed in the conversation. Some even fell asleep on the steps of the mosque to wait for their baby. Yes ... They got fast asleep on the steps. If there is a person between the waiting times muharrik or more precisely a murabbiyah who takes the initiative to circle them, accommodates aspirations about the future of their household so that we can synergize Islamic ideas in their daily lives, so how many Islamic groups can prevent divorce, domestic violence and action other disgraceful.

I was just awakened from my apathy, then I asked the mothers who slept on the steps of the mosque, what made me so patient to wait for the return of the mother's child even though my mother could tell her to go home by herself? The mother answered with enthusiasm: "the mother waiting is not an ordinary boy, not a whiny child so she spoils her waiting for her to go home, but for her she is a new spirit for this civilization, a spirit who will lead Indonesian children to throw stones at tanks - Jewish tanks in Palestine there and you want to be forever next to the spirit of that civilization. " Reveal it with sparkling eyeballs.

After I evaluated, when I was in the Islamic boarding school until I became an alumni like now, it turned out that there was something missing from the "Dai cadre printer" machine. And right what the cleric said before I stepped out of my hut, that there was a need for murabbi / ahi out there, and at that time we couldn't imagine how much the Muarbbi needed.

And I'm sure many people are waiting for the arrival of the murabbi in remote parts of the country even in the whole world. This is not only my wish for the da'wah we are working on. But this is indeed a fact that happened in the field. Try to look at public schools where the youths are drunk in romance, the mosque is dusty because they rarely bow down on the floor. And sometimes to get close to school we have to be stiffened first by the security guard, indeed sometimes for what is called da'wah especially the administrative part we have to sweat first to get to the middle of the circle.

But I always believed that hope was always in the midst of a very dark gap.

By: Ma'rifatullah, East Jakarta


Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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