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Mesut Oezil Among the Balance of Football Career and Firmness of Islamic Faith

Mesut Oezil has been enjoying good times in his career as a footballer in the past two years. If anyone becomes the source of Oezil's "strength" at this time, it might be because he often read verses of the Koran before competing.

Oezil's name began to stick out when he performed well at the 2010 World Cup with Germany. On his first appearance with his country in an international tournament, Oezil showed his reliable ability as a playmaker and although he did not succeed in bringing Der Panzer to the championship, the team's attractive game invited admiration.

The performance brought Oezil to Spanish giants Real Madrid. At the club Oezil's ability was increasingly honed and in his first season he appeared 53 times, scoring 10 goals and 25 assist.

In the second season or this year Oezil looks even better. Although the statistics are a bit down where they score seven goals and 24 assist from 52 matches, but Madrid brought it to the championship of La Liga while ending Barcelona's dominance over the past three years.

His performance with Germany was evenly proportional where in Euro 2012 qualifying, Oezil played nine times (788 minutes) and contributed five goals and seven assists. 'Panzer Team' he carried away with a perfect record of 10 matches.

So naturally if the German coach, Joachim Loew, much hopes for the footballer born October 15, 1988, to bring his country to be the champion this time. With his creativity and ability to manage the game, Oezil is predicted to shine in Poland-Ukraine.

Although he has only scored one assist from the three matches that have been passed, Oezil has won the title Man Of The Match in the first match against Portugal, Germany brought him through to the quarterfinals with a perfect record in the group phase.

However, not only the matter of his natural talent as a footballer who made Oezil like now the 23-year-old footballer's spiritual side also helped his appearance on the field.

Oezil admitted if he never forgot to read Al-Fatihah or the verses of the Koran before competing with Madrid and the German national team. So do not be surprised if when highlighted by the camera, Oezil is seen raising his hand like someone who prays.

Oezil is indeed one of the many Muslim footballers who graze in Europe. Although German citizenship, Oezil is of Turkish descent, where his parents are immigrants from that country.

Since childhood, Oezil has been closely educated by his family and the results of his family's education are inherent in the former Werder Bremen player. It was seen when on the field, whether in the hallways of the stadium, the edge of the field, or in the middle of the field, he still had time to pray or read the letter Al Fatihah or verses of the Koran before competing.

In an interview with a Spanish television station, Oezil's mother Gulizar Oezil appeared wearing a hijab while watering a garden in her yard (see video here). It might have been just how religious Oezil and his family were.

"The Koran gives me more strength to play in matches well," Oezil said, who got the nickname The owl aka the owl because of its ability to send bait like an owl's eyes that are always alert.
"I used to read the Qur'an before the match. If I didn't read it before competing, it didn't feel comfortable," he continued.

In the midst of his busy life as Europe's top footballer, Oezil teaches how to maintain a balance between careers with religious life. Because whatever success Oezil got to date is inseparable from the grace of the Almighty.

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