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Metamorphosis Berhala Era Modern

Metamorphosis Berhala Era Modern

A modern era filled with technological sophistication adorns every sidelines of human life now. Until changing something simple becomes more complex and beautiful in the human eye now. Similarly, what happened to the idols that exist in this age, they morphed into a more elegant form to be something beautiful to worship.

Starting from celestial bodies that were once worshiped by the ignorant people in their actual form, so that these celestial bodies have evolved in the form we know as the Horoscope and the zodiac. It is truly alarming to see such conditions, where so many people believe in their future predictions. What exactly leads them to trust in things that cannot speak?

With the knowledge they have they should be able to think that there is no way that people born in the same month and at the date ratio set by the forecasters have the same nature and the same fate. Do we want to have the same fate as other people, where we make more efforts to achieve what we aspire to with those who just keep quiet listening to the words that are in vain.

These are the effects of an ignorance relay that permeated humans in this age in the form of poisons wrapped in technological blankets. All are fooled by the tricks of the devil's followers. Regardless of what they are forecaster - fortune tellers set a future event that they themselves do not even know about their true future.

"... how disgusting sentences are coming out of their mouths. They say nothing but a lie. "(Al Kahfi: 5)

Then why are there still many people who follow what these fortune tellers say? this is actually only a suggestion that they received when they read the results of the prediction, before they read the prophecy they already believed that what was written by the fortune teller was a truth. In fact, the predictions are clearly false truths about the events predicted by the fortune teller, but sometimes the reader often associates - connecting the events that happened to him with the events written by the fortune teller so he feels that what the fortune teller was a truth.

"They are not the ones who deny you, but those who disbelieve deny the verses of Allah "(Al - An'am: 33)

Again, this is the effect of suggestion that has penetrated their minds when reading the prophecy. Therefore, it would be better if we did not read the prophecy, because the thing that was feared was that we would be suggestive of what was predicted. Back to the question above, why do they still follow these predictions?

"Have you ever seen those who make their desires as theirs and God let them go astray by his knowledge? And Allah has closed the hearing and his heart and placed the cover over his sight ..." (Al Jatsiyah: 23)

This is what happens when the spirit vacuum has arisen, the sense of faith diminishes. Where do the sentences of the Pillars of Faith go from within us that we always remember when we were kids? Ignorance - the turmoil that engulfs the heart of someone who is far from God, raises anxiety about his downturn. Far from God, until the predictions become an escape from the complaint of his fate. Naudzubillahi mindzalik.

May we always fill our hearts with wonderful words that can bring us closer to the creator. In order for this heart to be full of the words of God that soothe the heart, because only by remembering God is our heart to be calm. Glory to God with all his words with our words guided to the path of wisdom and light.

"And that a man findeth none other than what he hath earned, and that his business will be manifested." (An-Najm: 40)

If we really want a happy life in the world or in the hereafter, it is worth trying to achieve it. Because God has promised a certainty that we will get from our efforts. Results that are in line with the effort we make, then always ask for forgiveness and ask for his help so that we can do our best to pursue what we aspire to.

By: Arga Nur Pratama, KAMMI IT Telkom

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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