Friday, June 29, 2012

Is the US Military the production of Spy Drones in the form of mosquitoes?

At first glance, the shape looks like a mosquito, but after closer attention it turns out that it is not a mosquito but an airplane.

Based on news circulating recently, this object is known asInsect Spy Dronewhich has been in production. These sophisticated small objects can be controlled remotely and are equipped with a camera, microphone and can land on humans easily. This insect drone can also be used to take one's DNA samples by stinging like mosquitoes and can plant an RFID micro-tracking device under human skin.

The shape that is very similar to mosquitoes allows this drone to fly anywhere even inside the house, because at a glance people will not realize that it is a drone.

The US military revealed that the latest spy plane technology has been released, this insect-sized drone can also be used to fire missiles and track "enemy fighters".

The US is reported to have produced a number of nano-sized drones or mini-drones, ranging from small birds to insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Claiming all that was designed to fight against Mujahideen especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Such sophisticated technology has joined the US in the war in the Muslim countries under the pretext of fighting "terrorism" (read: Mujahideen). But their war always fails to face the Mujahideen.
Meanwhile the FBI, CIA and other US government organizations have denied having mini drones for their work, their claims are to convince US citizens that they will not threaten US citizens.

Tom Ehrhard, a retired Air Force colonel and expert without a crew, toldDaily Teleghraphsome time ago that "America can be very cunning."

On the other hand many people, including US citizens themselves doubt the production of insect-shaped drones, and consider it to be a conspiracy.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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