Saturday, June 16, 2012

The US military invaders will use new weapons for the Afghan war, a mini drone

WASHINGTON - The US military invaders have issued a new class of lightweight unmanned aircraft known as the Switchblade, which can be carried in backpacks and used on the battlefield.
Switchblade is manufactured by the AeroVironment Company in Monrovia, California, weighs less than six pounds (2.7kg) and can be launched quickly and sent through the closest circular ridge on the battlefield before aiming at enemies - usually a warrior's chest or headThe Guardian.
The weapon, dubbed the "flying shotgun" by US commanders, is claimed to have been tested by the US military, US Marines and US Air Force. They also claimed that this weapon was so effective that the AeroVironment had received contracts worth more than 14 million USD in the past ten months.
The rise of US drone cowardly attacks under Obama's command has created controversy when critics say the killings carried out by US drones violate the law more. Like Predator and Reaper drones, this unmanned switchblade is flown by a pilot who monitors flights through the video screen. the switchblade can roam for hours above the target before sending to attack.
It usually flies much lower than other planes, less than 500 feet above the ground and is very maneuverable, which allows it to remain in the inner circle of the target or escape.
This switchblade is claimed to be designed to be used by small units that need to carry out near-target attacks, such as snipers on ridges or on rooftops.
Defense observers believe war in the future will see many more mini armed drones than those now called "wandering ammunition" and provided for ground forces.
Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, said the emergence of mini drones was a military step for the battle fought by robots. "We have seen this effort by the military as basically robotization warfare. This gives them two very valuable results, namely reducing costs because these drones are much cheaper than F-16s and second only need fewer people on the battlefield."

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