Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Malaysia's Third Mission Sends Aid To Palestine

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AFTER planning for several months, nine people from Viva Palestina Malaysia, reportedly had left for the Gaza Strip to send aid.

They flew to Cairo on Friday (8/6) with a number of relief equipment such as wheelchairs, medicines, solar lights and Al-Qur'an Braille.
The plan for the team from Viva Palestina will also rebuild eleven schools, to ensure nine thousand Palestinian children can get education.

Malaysia has a long history of helping to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians who are forced to live under Israeli occupation.

Some Malaysians became victims Kapal Mavi Marmara, who tried to send aid and break down the Gaza blockade, when the Israeli military attacked and killed nine activists on board, two years ago. This incident caused Malaysian public anger.

Viva Palestina Malaysia was inaugurated in 2011 by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, a strong supporter of the Palestinian struggle.

Mahathir also played a role in revealing War Crimes by former US president George Bush and his colleagues, who were found guilty of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.
This time Malaysia is also discussing and preparing the same complaint, to bring Israel to the international court for crimes against Palestinians.

The mission this time is Viva Palestina Malaysia's third aid mission to Gaza since 2009.

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