Thursday, June 28, 2012

Electric Cars Reduce Fuel Dependence

Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Rubiandini is grateful and proud of the launch of electric cars in Indonesia. According to Rudi Rubiandini, electric cars will help austerity programs and expand the use of non-fossil energy.
"This electric car milestone. We once existed, now it has advantages for energy expansion, "he said after the launch of the 17th National Technology Day and the launch of the Electric Car Fun Drive at BPPT Building, Jakarta, Tuesday, June 26, 2012

With the presence of electric cars, Rubiandini said that he would start reducing dependence on fuel as it is now. "It doesn't have to be from BBM. Cars that always use gas can now use electricity for energy," said Rudi.
The hope is greater with the emergence of this electric car, according to Rudi, that is, Indonesia has switched its status to become an energy-producing flame. "The state is no longer an energy importer," he said.

For the initial stage of the development of electric cars the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will be responsible for electricity charging. In addition, the electric vehicle project involves cross ministries.

The Ministry of Industry is staying to increase electric cars. Whereas BPPT and LIPI will continue to develop from the technology side. "The Ministry of Transportation will be the first buyer," he said.
Regarding the cost of electric cars which are still high, according to him it is not a problem. Because this innovation is at least a solution to the limitations of energy going forward.
"Even though it's expensive it's okay, we have to do it, in the midst of energy problems, this solution arises," said Rudi.

He gave credit for this electric car because it was created by the son of his own country. However, he also encouraged to continue to repair this electric car.

"Repairing windows that are still closed cannot be opened, chassis uses domestically, so repairs are only a matter of accessories," he said.
He also explained that this electric car is safe because it uses batteries, unlike the case with electric cars in Eastern Europe. "There the electricity is attached to the vehicle. Now it's with a battery," he said.

How is the sensation of driving an electric car? Rubi smiled, and was quite satisfied.

"It's delicious, there is no sound, smooth smooth speed starts the road to high speed, comfortable. We also talk good," he admitted.

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