Monday, June 4, 2012

Gen Modulation to Overcome Genes' Disorders

Australian researchers develop gene modulation to treat gene disorders that occur in humans such as hemophilia and thalassemia.
Modulation of this gene uses technology Recombinant DNA Technology. The technology works by cutting, then installing DNA and moving genes between organisms.
"This is being developed and is still an experiment. We use gene combination technology," said Professor Merlin Crossley, who is also the Dean of the Faculty of Science. University of New South Wales at the Australian Embassy Office, Kuningan, Jakarta, Wednesday 30 May 2012.

Crossley revealed, he developed a scheme to improve gene mutations by modulating mutated genes. Besides that, it also generates genes from the outside through DNA-Binding Protein which is integrated with the genes found in the body.

With this scheme, according to him, an unbalanced gene structure will be replenished by sending genes from the outside.

The gene modulation step is an attempt to get a normal gene. Human gene abnormalities occur because of gene mutations that cause the genes in the human body to become unbalanced.

Under normal circumstances, genes provide codes and release proteins to produce activities that run well. These normal conditions make the cell work, divide and then grow back. Under normal circumstances, there is a gene that functions to regulate.

However, in conditions humans experience gene mutations, gene imbalances occur and the body needs a supply of DNA from outside the protein.

Crossley added, the experiments he did were still intensively developed in animals namely mice. "Still in animals, not yet to humans," he said.

He claimed to have applied the experiment to humans, but instead a problem occurred. For hemophilia patients, according to him, it works well. However, for leukemia patients after this gene mutation, the disease actually grows.

However, Crossley is optimistic that everything will go well in the future. At least, the alternative solutions developed will be cheaper compared to other medical treatments.

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