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Monopoly Truth

Monopoly Truth

The debate about the truth in the Muslim world has occurred since the time the companions are still alive, the difference in opinion in politics that ultimately raises two new groups like khawarij and syiah is the beginning of a long history of Islamic debates in interpreting who is most truthful among them.

At present, Muslims are divided into two major groups, namely Sunni another name from Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah (Aswaja) and Shia. Aswaja in the simple sense is those who hold fast to the teachings of the Prophet and the companions and those who follow them and walk their way well in the affairs of the creed, words and deeds. They are the ones who are committed to following the Prophet and away from heresy. Following their path in religion is guidance while menyelisihi them is error.

In particular, Shiite argues that Ali RA is the successor who has the right to lead the Caliphate after the Prophet Muhammad, this view is different from the other Caliphs recognized by Sunni Muslims. The Shiites believe that Ali was chosen through direct orders by the Prophet Muhammad, and the Prophet's commands meant revelations from Allah.

argues that only one group of Muslims will get the paradise of Allah SWT, one group is Aswaja. But we need to look again that Aswaja itself consists of many groups both large and small. In Indonesia the two largest mass organizations such as NU and Muhammadiyah also declared their mass organizations based on the Aswaja principle, as well as the Salafis, Tablighi Jamaat, HTI, Tarbiyah, and others.

The very diverse groups of Islamic organizations in Indonesia, are the most important advantages for Muslims in Indonesia. But it will be a big loss if the Islamic community itself is not yet mature in addressing differences of opinion that will arise in the diversity of groups.

The situation that arises today is the emergence of fanaticism in group groups, this unwittingly has dwarfed the truth in Islam, the truth that can be accepted is from himself or his group. Each group acknowledges that they are the most righteous in carrying out Aswaja's principles.

Dari Abu Hamzah Anas bin Malik radhiyallahu'anhu (pelayan Rasulullah Shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam) dari Nabi shallallahu' alaihi wasallam, beliau bersabda,Do not believe one of you until he loves his brother, what he loves for himself."(Shahih issued by Al Bukhari in Al Iman / 12 / Fath, Muslim in Al Iman / 45 / Abdul Baqi)

Rasulullah and his companions have given us an example of how to consult and to behave in case of differences. A time when the Khaibar war of the Muslim forces chose a place for headquarters. Al-Hubab bin Al-Mundzir met the Messenger and asked: "O Messenger of Allah, is this place that you choose is a decree issued by Allah, or is it just an opinion in the process of war?"

"this is my opinion." Answer him
"O Messenger of Allah, this place is too close to the fortress of Nathat and the Khaibar soldiers centered on the fort, can easily find out our situation, while we cannot know their situation. Their arrows can also be in our place while our arrows are not we can reach their place, we cannot be safe from their ambush at any time, here there are many palm trees, low places and poor land, if only you wish to order a place that is not like this, then we take it as headquarters ".
"You have given a perfect opinion," His Word, then the Messenger ordered the troops to move elsewhere. (Sirah Nabawiyah: Shaykh Shafiyyurrahman Al-Mubarakfuri)

The story above gives us a valuable lesson, if we find other people's opinions that are closer to the truth, then take that opinion. The Prophet gave us an example that our goal is the victory of Islam, not the victory of the personal ego.

There are many more similar stories that illustrate how we must address a difference of opinion, then choose the most correct opinion. It is unfortunate that the arrogant and fanatical nature of the group has blinded our hearts to accept the truth from our other Muslim brothers. So what happens is debate without a clear meeting point.

When the enemies of Islam such as Jews and Christian Missionaries are busy grogging the Muslim aqeedah and morality through various kinds of media. It becomes an irony if the energy of Muslims must be exhausted in internal debates which are based more on insane power and prestige. Each group should be more mature in preaching. That indeed, the victory of Islam is what we are aiming for, not the victory of the group over Islam.

"And hold fast to the rope of Allah, and do not divorce, and remember the favor of Allah unto you when you were unfaithful. So Allah united your hearts, and became obedient to the favors of Allah, siblings; and you have been on the edge of the abyss of the Fire, then Allah saves you from it. Thus doth Allah make clear to you His verses, that ye may be guided."(Ali 'Imran: 103)

By: Muhamad Ihsan, UNJ Student


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