Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mujahidin Serambi Baitul Maqdis Announces the Establishment of Shura Council

SERAMBI BAITUL MAQDIS - The peak of the regime's control or the highest Islamic congregation in the government is the Syuro Majlis which is also called ahlul halli wal aqdi. From here the sentence of the general Muslims and the Mujahideen in particular is put together.

In that behalf the mujahidin and muwahhidin the maqdis porch maqdis form a syuro council published by media markaz Ibn Taimiyyah through Forum Anshar Al-Mujahidin Tuesday, June 19, 2012.
"As a form of awareness of the importance of the phase that passed by this noble ummah, departing from the mandate that we carried on the day we walked on tauhid, and to unite muwahhidin also raised the banner of Din, guarding the blood of those who walked on this road from among people those whose faith is honest, take asbab to victory, tie the punishment to victory and success, then after we put our trust in Allah alone, We announce FORMATION MAJLIS MUJAHIDIN MUJAHIDIN SERAMBI BAITUL MAQDIS"explained the statement Media Markaz Ibn Taimiyyah.

Then the Mujahideen called upon all the layers of the ummah "O Muslims, O muwahhidin and mujahidin caravan, O ulama and da'i, indeed we are your children and your children on the earth on the porch of baitul maqdis, our flag as Allah swt syar'i, Our faith is aqeedah ahlussunnah wal jama'ah Our manhaj is manhaj salafus shalih -may Allah be merciful to them all- we fight against those who are very violent in hostility with the Muslims ( and we defend the honor of muwahhidin. So don't you guys help us with any means, "said the Palestinian jihadist media.

At the end of the statement, the Mujahideen called on Jews about their cruelty towards the Islamic ummah and warned them that they would get a more powerful response. On this occasion, the ummah who were aware that they could catch the message that jihad still existed in Baitul Maqdis above clean aqeedah, God willing.

Wallahu Ghalibun 'ala amrihi walakinna aktsarannasi la ya'lamun

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