Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Students taught Islamophobia, teacher fired

VIRGINIA - A teacher at the Norfolk, Virginia, United States military school was released after he was known to teach Islamophobia to his students around 2004. The teacher said that United States was fighting against Islam.
"The United States is at war with Islam and we must recognize that we are fighting with Islam", said a spokesman for the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Col. David Lapan, quoting the teacher's statement.
The teacher is an American army officer. However, Lapan was reluctant to name the teacher.
The findings embarrass US officials who are trying to improve relations with the Muslim world after a series of events in Afghanistan. Including, the burning of the Koran and the circulation of images of US soldiers in style with the bodies of Afghans.
As a result, the Pentagon was too tight. They immediately issued an order to dismiss the teacher from all his teaching assignments on Wednesday (6/20).
"The army teacher in the lecture was released from teaching assignments until the new placement was set, which was previously planned for 2012," the statement said.
Lapan said the investigation found the contents of the lecture in early 2004.
"Investigations suggesting the lecture should be redesigned to include elements of US policy and reduce its dependence on external orders," the Lapan statement said.
The equivalent of money, Army General Martin Dempsey also ordered a review of lectures on Islam and general military education. Moreover, a soldier had complained about the contents of the lecture entitled "Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Violence" at the Norfolk school.
IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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