Sunday, June 3, 2012

Muslims in English Derby Wavering With New Schools

Development free Islamic school in the city of Derby in the south of England it seems to make a little restless Muslims there.

"This school will teach the secular form of Islam, let go of all rules and values, and reduce it to a crude universal ethos and little worship," Kamran Raja told a local newspaper, a spokesman opposed to the establishment of the school This is Derbyshire, as reported, Thursday 31 May.

Funded by the Ministry of Education, Al Madinah School the plan will open in Derby in September. The opposing group said the school adopted a secular ethos, mixing male and female students and having non-Muslim heads and staff.
"This is a way to bring independent Islamic education to children in the Muslim community under state control," Raja said.

Opponents warned the school would produce a lost generation of Muslims, who did not know the basic teachings of Islam.

"The results will result in a lost generation who have little idea of ​​their identity, do not have the basic values ​​of halal or haram, discipline, respect or purpose, which are similar to secular youth who participated in last summer's riots and filled parents' gardens single (unemployed, red) throughout the country, "said Raja.

Britain is home to nearly 2.5 million Muslims. There are around 140 Islamic schools in the UK, only 12 of them are state funded.


But groups that want to fight for Islamic values ​​in the school also get strong opposition. The school said many Muslim parents supported the establishment of the school.
"We know some people who speak but we also know that many parents support the establishment of schools," said Shazia Parveen, one of three members of the trust council behind the school's construction project.

He also defended the appointment of a non-Muslim, Andrew Cutts-McKay, as headmaster.

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