Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rohingya Muslims in Maungdaw are prohibited Friday prayers

Tension in the state of Rakhine or Arakan in Myanmar (Burma) is still felt. Today, Friday (06/15/2012) city authorities Maungdaw has issued an order to ban Friday prayers for Rohingya Muslims.

This was reported by Kaladan Press that city and district authorities in Maungdaw have issued orders for Rohingya Muslims not to perform Friday prayers in the city.

Maungdaw is one of the areas where Rohingya Muslims get attacks from ethnic Buddhist Arakans. Besides burning and looting, on Thursday (14/6) it was reported that 10 Muslim women in Maungdaw were raped by local soldiers.

Being in crisis

In addition, more than 50.00 Rohingya Muslims are experiencing a food crisis and shelter. They need water, food, medicine and a home for those whose homes are burned. Hearing down in the Maungdaw and Akyab areas, Muslims who have no place to live have no place to take shelter. So it is feared that their health conditions will be threatened.

Until now they are still in fear of violence targeting them. Some of them have been moved to safer places - even though they are still abandoned - and some have tried to cross the city border by boat to Bangladesh.

Arrahmah/The Truth Seeker Media

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