Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Drugs Turn Humans into "Zombies"

This new type of drug can replace methamphetamine. The effect of these drugs is thought to be the cause of three human-eating psychopathic attacks that had been horrendous in the United States two weeks ago. The case of the attack itself was reported by local security forces.

Men from Miami United States, Rudy Eugene --- the name of the cannibal-- chewing on the face of the homeless on May 26, 2012. This case certainly strikes the public in the country.

But it turns out that not only Eugene is a cannibal, there are also other citizens in the country who have the same disease. A man from Louisiana tried to bite the police's hand on June 2, 2012. He bit the face of his victim after they quarreled. Because this phenomenon happened to several people, experts then examined it.

The result is that this "zombie" behavior is suspected after they took this new type of drug. Even so, a number of researchers stressed that this was only limited to initial research. "So we have not been able to give any certainty," said Director of Australian Narcotics and Alcohol Research and Training, Paul Dillon.

"We know that synthetic stimulants in drugs have risks that can be associated with what happens to a number of people," he said as quoted by

The methylenedioxypyrovalerone stimulant has the street name MDPV. Drug users use it as a substitute for methamphetamine.

People who use this new type of drug will experience the effect of producing a "zombie attack". This drug consumption results in paranoia, triggers violent behavior, psychotic attacks, tendencies to commit suicide, and hallucinations.

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