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Advice from the Chairperson of the Surakarta MUI: The Government Must Pay!

SINGLE - According to Islamic teachings, the role of ulama in the order of nation and state is so important. Especially in the majority Muslim country, Indonesia, ulama get a respectable position under the umbrella of the Indonesian Ulema Council.

Alhamdulillah, had the opportunity to talk to Prof. Dr. Dr. KH. Zainal Arifin Adnan, SpPD-KR, Chairman Surakarta MUI which is known to be critical, around the role of the cleric towards the ummah (government), on Friday (1/6/2012). The following is an excerpt from the interview.

Assalamu'alaikum Ustadz, straight away, Ustadz is a professor of medicine, how come it can be the head of the MUI, how is the trip?
Yes, all because of the grace of God and his will that we must believe. So I walk as is. Indeed, my parents educated me so that I obeyed religion, so I was entrusted to my grandmother's place until the 5th grade of elementary school so that I could get a salary but after class 6 was withdrawn to Solo schooled at the madrasa.
I did not know, at the madrasa I was tested and then placed in grade 3, after which I was transferred to class 5 after 2 weeks, in grade 5 only one month ago and then transferred to grade 6 after that I was there until I graduated from the Islamic elementary school.
After that, I have been teaching at home called teacher, that's my basic religion. So I feel to have the learning facilities of religion from God, self-taught. I am not active in any organization because I feel incapable.
After that medical school, the medical school was also because the parents' prayers were not due to intelligence, because my mother wanted one of her sons to become a doctor. In 1970 he took the test and Alhamdulillah was accepted until he graduated at Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta.
Then I became a civil servant, accepted as an educator at Sebelas Maret University as a teaching staff at the Faculty of Medicine.

Then in 1985 I took an internal medicine specialist at the UI medical faculty. After that God ran again, at the age of 53 I took a S3 at Airlangga University in Surabaya, Alhamdulillah the results (dissertation, red) of Cumlaude and the results I can register on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and received, I gave the name 'Path Zainal 'is international.

Then I was actively appointed as the board of the MUI not registering, in 1992. At that time I was sleeping late in the afternoon from the office, then called from MUI there was Musda at that time, told to come. "What for?" he wanted to be sworn in. "I can't do anything," the people present at the time agreed that Pak Zainal was appointed as chairman of the Da'wah Commission.

Then I followed a few years, a number of changes in the chairman of the MUI began KH. Ali Darokah, KH. Ahmad Slamet, then Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleh, then I was told to advance to become the chairman of the MUI.
Actually, I feel it is inappropriate and I consider it a disaster because I have to carry a heavy duty. Appointed as MUI chairman about 2009.

As a senior figure, how is the development of the city of Solo?
The condition of the Muslims here Alhamdulillah is united, good, together with non-Muslim people conducive. If there is anything there is something outward and surprising that Solo Muslims believe that it is engineering, like a bomb case. Muslims believe it is engineering and it is our right not to believe. Also Kapunton is bombed, I don't believe it's Muslims.

So the city of Solo is actually very conducive, very peaceful. In the past, there was a misunderstanding that led to clashes, we should appreciate the Kapolres and the children of the Hisbah army who were very devout, with the emotion of jihad with sharp weapons but almost no scattered blood, could return to their place, Al Muhajirin mosque without any problems .

Is the communist base eroded?
Indeed, there are those who want to screw up through book-surgery which is not very quality that wants to damage the city of Solo, as yesterday there was a book review about Gerwani, we refused and the Police Chief also agreed. Then Irshad Manji will come and reject us, so be it Alhamdulillah all bowed to amir, MUI chairman.

What are the roles and functions of the MUI itself?
In accordance with the AD / ART, in line with the central MUI, we are an institution that is engaged in the amar ma'ruf nahi munkar which consists of 'ulama, zu'ama and umara.

MUI Solo has issued a fatwa?
If the fatwa is the obligation of the central MUI, we have only made a response book on Deradicalization held in the city of Solo.

Regarding the book on responses to de-radicalization, isn't this in contrast to the government's efforts?
That's wrong, wrong diagnosis of therapy. I, as a doctor, if the diagnosis is wrong, the therapy must be wrong. Our terrorists do not agree at all, but deradicalisation should not be linked to it and mostly stigmatized by Muslims.
Help the authorities, the government, to the Detachment, please give us the right not to believe and we have his dissertation handbook, Busyro Muqoddas, about the Hegemony of the Intelligence Regime.

The fact is that the slides from the BNPT were very deviant from Islam, he deflected Islam from the Qur'an from the Sunnah, he cut up the hadith, he cut the verses as he pleased. Now, that's what becomes fard 'ain for us to straighten up.

What according to Ustadz the existence of the MUI in an area that had once banned Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir from lecturing?
This is, whether it's pressure or not, you know, but that's very regrettable. We look first at the contents of the lecture, because he also has ijtihad, whose name is tawashaubil haq it was extraordinary, it was an accident Quill it all right now murron that means he gets bitter, I sometimes get bitter, trouble.

Sometimes those who hear are offended, if the sprained person is repositioned they are sick, straightened out with pain, sometimes screaming, sometimes even beating, so I use medical practice.

What is ustadz message to the people, to the ulama and government
To the scholars, let's stop for preaching; da'wah bil hal, da'wah bil lish to always speak amar ma'ruf nahin munkar Well, amar ma'ruf nahi munkar it must be different, but what we understand is different people must be respected. If it is respected correctly, there is no amar ma'ruf nahi munkar, all lead to damage.

Like the debate on TV, we say we have to respect differences, what difference do you make first? Should I be asked if you know that you don't know what the name is immoral? Lady Gaga is a sinful icon, but do you know not to be immoral? If you know immorality, then you support immorality, who are you? If I support obedience, what is the definition of obedience? Antum might say I am a devout person, but how come I support immorality, I can't, it needs to be straightened out.

To the people, they must be patient, the simplest prayer;
All the best way to get rid of it 'adzabannar , God give blessings to rizkiku, the poor also pray like that because poverty is blessing, may Allah give patience.
Our officials should be; ministers, presidents and prayers like that so that their property, position, family does not deliver him to hell. Why does corruption exist? Because there is no blessing, no blessing

Finally, what is the cleric's advice to the government that currently does not apply Islamic law?
He has to recite, you know what to do, qad tabayyanar rusydu minal ghay, there is no compulsion in religion, but the straight path and the false path are clear.
So the government must pay, if you invite the teacher do not laugh haha hihi... afraid to straighten up. Already the salary is rare, the teacher invited is wrong, if the teacher who is invited is wrong like a diagnosis that is wrong, the treatment must be wrong.

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