Monday, June 25, 2012

Failest Countries in the World

Image-6895The public was shocked by the results of the agency survey The Fund for Peace (FFP) based in the capital city of Washington DC, United States. In that study, Indonesia ranked 63rd, indicating that this country included almost failing to carry out its functions.
Based on the analysis of the Foreign Policy magazine which released the results of the survey in the Monday edition, the way the FFP measures the success or failure of a country using the perspective of philosopher John Locke.

In the opinion of the philosopher, the state is a service provider. The state is successful if it is able to provide infrastructure needs, social functions such as health and education, and guarantee security.
Law enforcement points are the main indicator of state ranking in the FFP survey. This approach was acknowledged by FFP Director Krista Hendry in a press statement yesterday. "Our assessment is based on the way a country manages challenges with strong law enforcement in a democracy," he said.

For FFP, when the state cannot bring security, prosperity and social functions will definitely go worse. This explains why Somalia was at the bottom of the 178 countries surveyed. This is the most failing country in the world.

FFP considers Somalia's rating worst because of the lack of legal security and certainty. Pirates are rampant, terrorism has occurred in almost all regions, and the official government seems unable to stop all chaos.

The bottom five warnings in the FFP survey were occupied by countries with similar conditions in Somalia.

Right above Somalia, there is the Republic of the Congo which is considered far from safe because the civil war is not over. Militias have weapons equivalent to the official armed forces.

Sudan, which has just separated from South Sudan, is also considered a failure because there are still millions of refugees after last year's civil war, claiming the lives of millions. The struggle for oil refineries added to the problem of the Central African country.

This Failed Country Index is determined by 12 indicators and 100 sub-indicators, including social, political, economic and legal. Each indicator is worth 1-10 through analyzing millions of public documents and other quantitative data. All of them are rated by the world's best analysts. Being in the top 50 of the index, you could say a country is heading for destruction.

So, is Indonesia currently increasingly insecure?

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