Friday, June 01, 2012

"What are you thinking about Lady Gaga?"

Hadeeuuh .. Lady Gaga, the singer from the United States is again a trending topic in the Indonesian universe. The pros and cons of the planned concert which will be held on June 3, 2012 are very lively. Those who are pro because they assume that Lady Gaga is just a gig at this place, promoting her album titled "Born This Way", greeting her fans, and the profit promoter many times the ticket sales. Only then did this Mother Monster get a concert in a country with a majority Muslim population?

Bro en Sis, for those who contradict Lady Gaga's concert plans, of course they have a reason too. What is the reason? Many. Bejibun. They (including me personally) are contra because Lady Gaga has the potential to spread Kufr culture in the name of freedom of expression. Not to mention the stage acts that are as bizarre and clearly porno-action. Many organizations, institutions and individuals who reject Lady Gaga's concert plans. I was interested in the points voiced by my students at the Islamic Boarding School, Bogor, which were released on their official website: about Lady Gaga. Become unique because the points are part of an Open Letter to President SBY. Here's the excerpt:

First, this Lady Gaga brings the trend of fashion freedom in dress. Are you happy if the younger generation likes this way of expression? Are you happy if your child or grandchildren like the way Lady Gaga looks, then imitates it? Its appearance is not just indulgence in genitals, but also very strange and not commonly done by humans. Have you ever seen a human being wearing clothes made from fresh meat? Then say this is part of freedom of expression? Have you ever seen Lady Gaga's video clip? Is the video clip worthy to be watched by the young generation of Indonesia, then it is called an inspiration for the creativity of young people?

Secondly, Lady Gaga brought a notion that damaged the nation. Have you ever listened to the lyrics of the song? However a song lyrics must be followed by dance or dance and an appearance that supports its contents. This is reflected in the video clips. This Lady Gaga supports sexual freedom including being gay and lesbian? Do you know that if more and more young people are affected by gays and lesbians? Can you imagine that if this is allowed, it will be possible for Indonesian families, including your family and children?

Third, Lady Gaga brings understanding that is contrary to any religion. Did you not see that Lady Gaga was more like a monster than a human? He even calls himself Mother Monster. The fans and followers are called Little Monsters. Don't you realize that this is a way-cara Satan to multiply his followers into hell. The devil has been respited by Allah to deceive Adam's descendants so that they will fall into hell. In the Qur'an, Allah Swt. said: "And remember when We said to the angels," Prostrate yourselves to Adam, "then they prostrate except Satan. He (Satan) said," Should I prostrate to the man whom You created from the earth? He (Devil) said, "Tell me, is this the more You honor me? If You give me time until the Day of Judgment, I will certainly mislead its descendants, except a few." He (Allah) said: "Go, but whoever among you who follows you is indeed the Fire of Gehenna (Hell), your recompense, enough for a recompense, and forge any of those of whom ye are able to with your voice, Train your troops against them, horses and on foot, and deal with them with wealth and children and promise them. "But the devil just promised them a trick. (QS al-Isra [17]: 61-64)

Mr. President, currently we have not been blessed with the hand to change this country for the better. Thus, in this Lady Gaga affair, you must be responsible. Rasulullah saw. said: "Al Imaamu ra'in wa huwa mas'ulun 'an raiyyatihi: A Head of State is the person in charge, and he will be held accountable for his leadership." (HR Bukhari-Muslim)

Bro en Sis rahimakumullah, these three points are enough to illustrate that we deserve to reject Lady Gaga's concert.

Don't be indifferent, prove you care!

Hmm ... if you listen to the discussion on the internet there are also people who are ignorant or not care about other people's business. He thought for himself and considered anything that was done by others, as long as it didn't hurt him so much. There are comments like this: "What do you think of Lady Gaga? Do you want to have a concert or not on her business. There's no business with us. She wants to wear clothes or not during concerts, it's not my business, just let me do it. "Caring about being wise. Oh, just a dozen dangdut koplo concerts. Even if you want to find money, you're banned, you're not angry? Never mind about religion, about someone's faith, you just want to go around watching the Lady Gaga? Just try your faith! "

Aduuuh Bro en Sis, it is clear that the person who comments like this vein cares about breaking up. Even though as a Muslim, we are required to remind each other, care for each other. If anyone does the truth, it is supported and if someone does a mistake that is reprimanded until prevented (including being punished by the authorities). Remember the hadith? This is here. From Abu Sa'id al-Khudriradhiyallahu 'anhuhe said,"I heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) saying," Whoever among you who sees evil, let him change it with his hands, and if he can not afford it with his tongue, and if he can not afford it, then it is the weakness of faith.(HR Muslim)

Well, of course you don't want to only be included in the class of people who are weak in their faith because they only reject themselves? It seems like it is still better with those who actually agree to the existence of weapons. Yes, right? It's strange, if I don't care about the affairs of the Muslims. Lady Gaga, as we all know, don't just sing, but carry a mission. What is the mission? The mission of freedom of expression, spreading liberalism, campaigning for gays and lesbians and agreeing to transgender or switching or changing sex. Tuh, really bad right? Do those who don't care and even pro Lady Gaga not realize the consequences? In the Philippines and South Korea alone, Christians reject Lady Gaga's concert, here, a country that is predominantly Muslim still has support for Lady Gaga's concert plans. It's strange that you have a magical father, or a strange bin.

Bro en Sis is a loyal reader of gaulislam, prove you care. Show your defense to Islam. Don't admit to being Muslim, but your mind and heart are contrary to Islam and even against the teachings of Islam. Do not come until, a Muslim actually opposed the rules of Allah and the Messenger of Allah. Beware, can get caught in error. Please read the word of Allah SWT .: "And it is not permitted for believing men and women to believe in Allah, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a decree, and there is for them a choice concerning their affair, and whoever disobeys Allah and the Messenger He has indeed gone astray, manifest error. " (QS al-Ahzab [33]: 36)

Lady Gaga vs dancer dangdut koplo

Ha ha ha ha…. if you compare with Lady Gaga, the singer of dangdut koplo is just as immoral. It's just the difference in the scale of the damage. If dangdut koplo is only a certain area. If Lady Gaga is international. So if asked more seriously where is the action of Lady Gaga with the singer of the dangdut koplo when performing? Yes, just as bad and broken. Only the scale of the damage varies. Maybe some of you said, "If you see the video on Youtube just spread it too" Hehe ... you're right. But Lady Gaga is an icon, created more than just a singer. Unlike the singer dangdut koplo. Although both damaged and severe, but the effect is slightly different.

BTW, maybe you are asking, from the beginning talking about Dangdut Koplo, what the hell is that? Hehehe ... don't know yet? Dangdut koplo is a modern dangdut music (he said so) that is played by a dangdut music group or Malay orchestra on stage with a singer who is said to have a voice and a 'death' shake. Huh? Just when he rocked everyone watching on death? Shhh ... read first, don't just play bluntly. Hehehe ... I mean the singer is erotic and has the potential to watch so she gets clattered (and that is definitely pornographic impressions!). How not, according to the news circulating, the singer who was chosen was not just his voice, but more focused on his body so that when it swayed it looked sensual. When it comes to faces? It feels like adopting a BMW, aka Body Beat Face (shhh ... this is not advertising!).

Ok bro Bro Sis, fine Lady Gaga and the singers dangdut koplo, as well as other actions that are indeed immoral, must be eradicated to the roots. What is the root? The root of this problem is due to the adoption of democratic-secularism rules that consider human rights above all else. That is why, in this broken rule, freedom of expression must not be disturbed. Wow, it's bad business. Just a short solution: replace this damaged life system with Islamic law which is applied by the state as an ideology to regulate people's lives. God willing, solve this problem and other problems. Want to be clearer about Islamic law as an ideology? God willing, we discuss another time. Not enough on this piece of bulletin. Ok? [solihin | Twitter: @osolihin]

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