Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obama-Bush One Doctrine!

Between the 44th US President now, Barack Obama and the 43rd former US President George W. Bush did not find any differences regarding the policies of both in fighting terrorism, really in this case it is completely indistinguishable, except the reaction of the liberal forces to policy that is.

For example, the New York Times this week published a report on the Obama war using drones. And you can imagine the commotion the American left group would make if a similar report was published during Bush's time. Is it said that Bush personally chose for each name on the murder list for new terrorists? Imagine, "The Times" said that White House officials in President Bush's era boasted how "the President agreed to the written process without written permission", or how Bush told his aides that the decision to target American citizens and kill him (like Anwar al-Awlaki) is "easy decision".

There is no doubt that the fire of anger will erupt in Lafayette Park, where the leftist group is holding a demonstration (if that happens), but why did this anger not occur when the Times revealed such details about Obama's drone attack on al-Qaeda?
Let's look at some of the reports revealed by the New York Times newspaper:

* When Obama ordered the closure of the CIA inquiry centers and Guantanamo Bay, he did so intelligently through a few fickle words to make a number of hidden loopholes so that on the other hand he could continue to wage war against terrorism in a way he believed.

* In addition to targeting certain individuals and dangerous terrorists, Obama allowed to attack suspicious locations and targeted several people we did not know their names.

* While at the time Obama claimed that he stressed the rules for protecting innocent lives, he adopted a suspicious method for calculating civilian casualties, namely the way that all men were able to take up arms in the combatant's operating zone, with the pretext that people who live in areas known as terrorist activities or hide al-Qaeda activists, you cannot expect good from them.

* When the problem was related to the murder of an American-born cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, then Obama really had decided that he could do it in secret and without trial, relying on secret laws in the Justice Department which said that the amendments to citizenship laws protecting American citizens is done through internal deliberation in executive power.

Where was the Congress hearing, which accused Obama of running the country in an imperialist way? Where was the New York Times editorial, which announced that Obama was overseeing a larger operation "the need for a shivering presidential power of the body" which caused a breakdown of the constitutional system of checks and balances between authorities? Where was the investigation carried out by the Intelligence Committee in the Senate, which was carried out for three years, and submitted a 5 thousand page report related to the "Obama drone attack?".

Last year, Amnesty International called for Bush's arrest for ordering the arrest of terrorist leaders, interrogating him and sending him alive to Guantanamo for his trial. However, Obama won the "Nobel Peace Prize", even though as reported by the "New York Times" that Obama ordered the attack of drones using cluster bombs, which not only killed the target, but also killed neighboring families. So, why did Amnesty International not call for the arrest of Obama under the pretext of committing war crimes?

This shows us, that in fact, the current US president still adopts the same policy as Bush's policy regarding counter-terrorism. As such, there is still continuing secret overthrow, unspecified detention, and terrorist trials of civilians in front of military commissions, as well as the National Security Agency, National Security Agency still spying on phone calls without any explanation for that. While Obama announced the closure of CIA interrogation centers that intelligence had used joyfully to find Osama bin Laden and kill him.

Even the current method of attacking drones is almost unchanged from the attacks of similar drones during the last six months of the Bush administration. Thus, Obama has not doubled this attack as suggested by several parties, but it is clear that he continues to improve the policies set by Bush before leaving his position.

It seems that the majority of conservatives support Obama's strategy regarding drone attacks, and it seems that liberals are also like that, where polls conducted earlier this year showed that 77% of those who call themselves liberals support this attack, and 55% agreed, even though the target was US citizens themselves. Maybe this is the biggest achievement of the two parties, Republicans and Democrats during Obama's leadership, where he was able to get broad support from the liberals for previous Bush policies, and this is what did not happen during the Bush leadership.

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