Sunday, June 3, 2012

Obama and Cyber ​​War Instructions Against Iran

For the first time the US mass media released a report related to its direct role President Barack Obama in instructing cyber attack to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Newspaper New York Times writes, Barack Obama personally lowered instructions for cyber attacks on the scientific and industrial structures of the Islamic Republic of Iran to stop Tehran's nuclear program. This attack has begun since former President George W. Bush came to power, but when Obama led the US this attack intensified and a number of sectors of Iran's nuclear activity were also affected.

In recent years, the US has used all means to stop Iran's nuclear program except military options. The strategy includes diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions, nerve warfare and cyber attacks. Observers have found two indications related to US cyber attacks to Iran. The first is the stuxnet virus attack which is said to attack Iran's uranium and second Flame enrichment installations which attack Iran's nuclear and non-nuclear installations including the country's Energy Department.

Although Iran has the ability to stifle US cyber attacks, this Washington strategy indicates the opening of a new chapter in world war history. Americans who control cyberspace and internet service companies try to damage the infrastructure of other countries without having to launch missiles into the country. In addition, cyber war has other objectives such as espionage and stealing intelligence data from other countries.

In this case it is not only the Islamic Republic of Iran that is targeted by the United States. Various reports indicate that this means of cyber warfare is also aimed at countries such as Russia, China, India and even a number of European countries which were targeted by Washington.

In addition, in this case the problem instead of this cyber attack is in the category of conventional or non-conventional weapons, but what is questioned is the destructive power for developed countries. In other words, in the real war, the great power of having complete military facilities, victims and losses on their side is less, but in cyberspace smaller forces are able to provide great damage to developed countries without having to be identified.

Therefore, the means used by the US to attack Iran can also be used as a weapon to eat, sir. This means that other parties can use cyberspace to attack the US. A clear example of this is the success of Iran in controlling US drones and subduing them without having to damage the aircraft a few months ago.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

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