Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prince Salman Allied Near United States

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia successively loses the son of the crown, which is predicted to be replaced Raja Abdullah, who is 89 years old. Abdullah has often been admitted to the United States hospital.
But, who died first was the Crown Prince of Prince Sultan. Soon the position of the Sultan was replaced by Prince Nayef, who was formerly the Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, Nayef has recently been crowned Prince of Death.

Today, King Abdullah appoints Prince Salman, who is the Minister of Defense, as the crown prince. The announcement of Salman's appointment as crown prince was announced by officials of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Monday.

Prince Salman, 76, was appointed minister of defense after the death of the Sultan, then the old prince crowned the defense and ministerial flight, replaced Nayef, and then Nayef died replaced by Prince Salman who became Governor of Riyadh since 1962.

Saudi King Abdullah appointed Prince Salman's half-brother as crown prince and deputy prime minister while retaining Prince Salman as defense minister.
Prince Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz was appointed as interior minister, a position held by Crown Prince Pangeran Nayef, more than 30 years, state television Al-Ekhbariyah said.

Prince Salman is widely believed to be the new heir, because he is considered to have a more pragmatic attitude and understanding of the political situation in the Saudi Kingdom. Prince Salman is seen as more moderate than his brother Prince Nayef.

According to the diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, 2007, Prince Salman suggested a cautious approach to social and cultural reform. "He has good strategic steps to change conservative behavior (still strong in holding Islamic values) to modernism," said Robert Jordan, United States Ambassador in Riyadh 2001-2003.
"He did not just accept everything from the United States, but at the same time he understood the importance of the Kingdom of Saudi relations with the United States", added Jordan.

Theodore Karasik, Director of the Near East Institute and Military Analysis in the Gulf, a Dubai-based research institute as quoted by Bloomberg said that Prince Salman had very good relations with the United States and the United States military. Since becoming a defense minister, he has met with a number of US political and military officials. Prince Salman is very helpful in maintaining US-Saudi military relations ", said Karasik.

Prince Salman is the son of the founding wife of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz al-Saud, who is Hassa bint Ahmed al-Sudairi, who has seven children. Other brothers included King Abdullah, and the second crown prince Prince Sultan, and Prince Nayef. Salman is the half brother of King Abdullah.

Under Prince Salman, it seems that Saudi Arabia will continue to perpetuate its relationship with the United States, which has been the main guardian of the princes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has always been an ally of the United States, except King Faisal, who opposes the United States and its allies, who defend Israel. In fact, King Faisal carried out an oil embargo on the United States. However, then Faisal was killed by his own nephew, who was the instrument of the CIA, who had just returned from America, in 1974.

Saudi Arabia spends trillions of dollars in wealth, only to buy a killing machine from the United States, and is not used to kill enemies of Allah, but only used to confront people who love Allah and His Messenger, who are accused of being terrorists.
In May, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed a $ 3-billion dollar contract with Britain to buy a new Sea Harrier type jet fighter. Meanwhile, German newspapers reported that Saudi Arabia would buy 600-800 Leopard tanks from Germany, at least double the previous estimate.

Royal money is only used to buy military equipment, or used to buy European or other soccer clubs. Not in order to defend God's religion.

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