Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Severe, New Hollywood Film Picture of Jesus Born because His Mother was Raped

Last year, a Hollywood documentary questioned whether Jesus Christ was a communist. This year, a controversial new film claims that Jesus was a human child born after a Roman soldier raped his mother.

This "blasphemous" film is based on a controversial book by Paul Verhoeven entitled "Jesus of Nazareth," and is scheduled to begin filming in the near future. A number of parties accused the film of being insulted by God. Paul Verhoeven himself has worked on Robocop, Total Recall, and Basic Instinc films.

According to the Wizbang blog, this 2008 edition of Verhoeven's book was filled with several controversial claims. In addition to rejecting many of Jesus' miracles in the Bible, this book also alleges that Mary's pregnancy was not without human intervention because of being raped by a Roman officer. This, of course, will mean that Jesus is not a child of God, as stated in the Christian tradition. The author also states that Christ was never betrayed by Judas Iscariot.

"As for Verhoeven's book, it will be adapted in a film and will portray Jesus in a more humane picture, then miracles and resurrection will not enter the story," reports IndieWire. "On the contrary, Jesus would be described as a radical ethicist and prophet, whose messages became too political for Rome.

When interviewed, Verhoeven stated that Jesus' birth was not a miracle. In the film, he wanted to describe the way the savior taught ethics to humans. "I believe Jesus was crucified for political reasons. His followers are increasing and large, threatening the Roman position. Jesus' ethics teaches us to treat every human being well even though they are enemies," he said.

For Muslims, Jesus or Isa Alaisalam is a Prophet of Allah and not God or a child of God. He was like a normal human being but was given an advantage by God and his birth was pure without a man who fertilized his mother, Mother Maryam. So one side of the film blasphemes Christianity and Islam as well but on the other hand it is true in terms of that Jesus is not a child of God. Allah knows best.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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