Monday, June 25, 2012

Israeli Officers Dispute Related to Iran

Disputes between Israeli-Israeli regime officials linked to the Islamic Republic of Iran are increasing.

Al-Alam television reported Sunday, Israeli television reporter channel 10 said, "It seems that the latest negotiations between Iran and the West in Moscow have not paid off."

Regarding this, Israeli television discussed a part of Ali Bageri's statement, Deputy Secretary General of the Iranian High Security Council in negotiations with the 5 + 1 Group (Russia, China, France, Britain, the United States plus Germany) in Moscow, the capital of Russia June.

At that time, Bageri said, "The IAEA's move to delegate Iran's nuclear case to the UN Security Council and these council sanctions against Iran, from our view is an illegal step."

The channel 10 reporter added, "Regarding the cessation of uranium enrichment by up to 20 percent, Iran demands the elimination of all economic and oil sanctions. But the request is expressly rejected by the West."

Furthermore, he stressed that behind the negotiations, Israel urged America to limit Iran's opportunities.

In another part of his statement, the Israeli television reporter said, "Former Chair of the Israeli Secret Service (Mossad), Meir Dagan, in an interview with the BBC network revealed disputes between Israeli officials regarding attitudes towards Iran."

The Israeli television reporter stressed that Dagan asked Ehud Barak to remove military options in interacting with Iran.

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